Cost Profiles

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Cost Profiles allow you to assign cost per page information to a logical grouping of devices. In this workflow, you create a new Cost Profile, give it a name, set a cost per page value, and then assign it to a group of devices that share similar costs. Examples of logical device groups include models, contracts, department, location, or user type.


Cost Profiles


Cost Profiles provide a flexible method of managing the cost of devices in your fleet while allowing for logical groups of devices that share the same cost. You can select from a default cost source or enter your own. If you want to assign an operating cost to more than one device at a time, you can create a new cost profile.


  1. On the Discover > Cost Profiles tab, click Create.
  2. Give the profile a name that will help you identify it in other areas of the application.
  3. Select a Cost Source.
    1. Default: operating cost will be provided by the system based on the latest market information.
    2. User Entered: enter actual cost per page (CPP) for mono and color pages respectively.
  4. Save the profile.
  5. Navigate to Discover > Device Cost and select the devices to which you will assign that Cost Profile.
  6. Click Edit to open the Edit Devices screen.
  7. Select Set Cost Profile and select your Cost Profile from the list.
  8. Save your changes.



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