Device Utilization

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Utilization is a measure of cost effectiveness based on the page volume of a device or fleet, where 100% utilization represents the theoretical optimal balance between amortizing fixed costs and increased service costs resulting from over-driving a device.


Utilization is based on the Target Monthly Volume (TMV) for each device in the fleet. TMV is normalized across manufacturers by determining the engine speed in pages per minute (ppm) and then calculating a TMV based on a proprietary scaling value. This approach allows us to better estimate cost effectiveness by avoiding potentially variable manufacturer reported numbers. It is expressed as the following:


V = ZDS2



V = target volume in pages per month for the device

Z = scale factor

D = average number of business days per month

S = rated engine speed in pages per minute


Once TMV is known for a device, Utilization is calculated as a ratio between this Target Monthly Volume (TMV) and Actual Monthly Volume (AMV). It is expressed as the following:


Utilization % = (AMV/TMV) x 100


Unique workflow scenarios at individual print environments can impact the optimal Utilization value (example: high variability in output volume over time may require a device to handle peak output followed by periods of inactivity).