Pharos iMFP Client and Omega Downloads

Version 4

    I was slightly frustrated that there isn't a single place on the community where I can find all the current and previous versions of the Pharos iMFP clients for all the manufacturers, so rather than moan about it, I created my own


    The versions listed are the ones I have downloaded from Pharos over the years so may not be entirely complete. I have provided hyperlinks to the documents and downloads I've found on the community.

    Currently checking with Pharos if they are happy for me to upload the older versions or provide a dropbox link.




    iMFP Clients





    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me

    Product Suite 1.0.13

    (v2.9.12 and v4.2.6)

    Sept 2014 for HP Product Suite 1.0.15 Release Notes

    Product Suite 1.0.11

    (v2.9.10 and v4.2.2)

    Oct 2013

    Product Suite 1.0.8

    (v2.9.5 and v4.2.1)

    Jan 2013
    v2.9.3 and v4.1.2July 2012
    v2.9.0 and v4.1.0April 2012
    v2.8.1June 2011
    v2.5.16Dec 2010
    v2.4.9Jan 2010
    v2.4.3Jan 2009
    v2.2.11Dec 2008
    v2.2.2April 2008



    Konica Minolta

    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v1.5.2March 2015
    v1.4.2April 2014
    v1.2.5Dec 2011




    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v1.5.4Feb 2015
    v1.5.2Feb 2014
    v1.4.1May 2012
    v1.3.2April 2011
    v1.1.3Feb 2010
    v1.1.1Aug 2009
    v1.0.5June 2009
    v1.0.3Jan 2009




    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v1.0.8June 2011




    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v1.1.2Apr 2013Pharos iMFP for Sharp version 1.1.2: Release Notes




    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v2.6.5March 2015
    v2.6.4Dec 2014
    v2.6.3April 2014








    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v2.2.2 rev 9197March 2010




    VersionReleasedDownloadRead Me
    v1.0.1 rev 11257Sept 2014
    v1.0.1 rev 10995Nov 2013