Pharos Print Center for Blueprint Enterprise

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Basic Information

What is the Pharos Print Center?

The Pharos Print Center provides a convenient way to release documents. It's a web portal that enables users to release documents sent via standard Pharos queues to any Blueprint-controlled printer.


What can I do with the Pharos Print Center?

Pharos Print Center (Standard) allows users to

  • Release print jobs
  • Delete print jobs
  • Create a guest account
  • View and manage prin jobs submitted to Secure Release Here from MobilePrint or 3rd party applications such as HP ePrint.
  • Manage Delegate Printing


If your system is integrated with Pharos MobilePrint, users can also:

  • Upload documents to print
  • Send documents to print via email
  • Change printing options for MobilePrint documents (e.g. black & white or color, single or double-sided).


The Print Center also allows administrative users to:

  • Manage Quotas for a group (for users assigned as Quota Managers only)
  • View events related to Secure Release (for admin role only)
  • View overall health of your Blueprint system (for admin role only)
  • Customize the look and feel of Print Center so it matches your organization’s branding
  • Secure Pharos Sentry Print capable devices (if licensed)
  • Configure MobilePrint settings


What is the Print Center workflow?

  1. Submit document(s) to print.
  2. Release your document(s), as follows:
    1. In your browser, enter the web address of the Pharos Print Center.
    2. Log in with your username and password (typically your network ID and password).
    3. Select the document(s) you want to print.
    4. Select or search for the printer to which to send your document(s).
    5. Click Print.
  3. Collect your printed documents.


How do I search for a printer?

If your printer is not on the Printer list, you can search for it by typing any of the following printer information:

  • Device Name
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Model


Notes about searching for printers:

  • The first time you select or use a printer, Pharos Print Center will tag the printer as recently used. The next time you select a printer, you will see only the last selected printer.
  • If you want to select other printers (i.e. those that have not been tagged as recently used), you can search for them by typing the printer information in the text box.


How do I delete print jobs?

  1. On the Job list tab, select the document you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete icon.


How do I release my documents?

  1. Select the document(s) you want to print.
  2. Select or search for the printer to which to send your document(s).
  3. Click Print. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. Click Confirm to print your document(s).
  5. Collect your documents from the printer.


How do I view my print jobs?

When you first log in to the Pharos Print Center, the Job List screen shows a list of documents you have submitted for printing.


TypeThe format of the submitted document. For example, Text, Word, Excel, etc.
TitleThe document name; usually the document name from the application that created the job.
PagesThe number of pages.
Pieces of PaperThe number of pieces of paper on which the document will be printed.
SubmittedShows when you submitted the document.
Print Preview (available only when MobilePrint is installed)

Clicking the Print Preview icon shows how a document will look when printed.

Hovering over the Print Preview icon shows job attributes (e.g. black & white, double-sided, number of pages per side, number of copies).


Note: Non-MobilePrint jobs (i.e. those sent via Pharos queues ) will show N/A. This means that you cannot change the finishing options for those documents.


Mobile-friendly web pages

Beginning with v2.4, Print Center has been optimized to work on both iOS and Android devices. You can now easily use the Print Center on a mobile device with a minimum amount of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling. Mobile-friendly Print Center is available only if your site is running Print Center 2.4 or greater.


Uploading files directly from your Android device

You can now upload files directly from your Android device (up to 50 MB). Simply log in to Print Center on any supported mobile browser, tap the Upload option, and browse to the location of the documents you want to print.


  • This feature requires MobilePrint 2.1 license or greater.
  • Uploading on iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) requires the iOS Pharos Print App. You can download the app for free from the Apple App store.


Changing Print Options

To change print options, simply select a print job on the Job List screen and tap Print options. Apply your desired finishing options:

  • Color
  • Double sided
  • Pages per side
  • Number of copies


Searching for a Printer

To search for a printer, tap on the Select a Printer option (next to the Print button) or tap on the currently selected printer. This will open the search browser and will show recently used printers. If the printer you wish to print to is not on the list, you can search for it by typing the device name, manufacturer, model, or description.



Guest Accounts

How do I create a guest account?

Any user who wants to use Pharos Print Center on a temporary basis can create a guest account.


  1. On the Print Center logon screen, click 'I am a guest'.
  2. Enter your guest account information. (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password.)
  3. Click the Create button to create your guest account.


I have successfully created a guest account. How do I log in to the Pharos Print Center?

To log in, enter the email address and password that you used when you created your guest account.


How long does my guest account stay active?

Guest accounts remain active for 28 days. You may wish to contact your administrator to verify the number of days before your guest account expires.


Delegate Printing

Delegate Printing enables users to print documents on behalf of someone else. A user can nominate another user or users (known as delegates) to release their jobs from any Pharos-managed device. For example, a Manager can ask their Assistant to print documents on their behalf.


  • Print Center-based Delegate Printing was introduced in Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 Service Pack 2.2.
  • You can find more information about Delegate Printing in the Blueprint Pharos Print Center Guide.


The Delegate Printing tab in Print Center allows users to:

  • add delegates
  • view delegates
  • remove delegates
  • disable or enable Delegate Printing (per delegator)

Adding Delegates


  • A user should have an existing account in the Active Directory to be added as a Delegate.
  • Delegators can add up to a maximum of 10 delegates only.

To add delegates:

  1. In the Delegate Printing tab, click on the Add button. This opens the Add a Delegate dialog box.
  2. In the text field, enter part of the name or email address of the person that you want to add as a Delegate, and then click Search.
  3. Select the desired user, and then click the Add button.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Assigned Delegates will be able to release or delete print jobs that have been delegated to them.


Deleting Delegates

  1. In the Delegate Printing tab, select the delegate that you want to remove from the list. Notice that the selected row is highlighted.
  2. Click the Remove button.
  3. Click Save Changes.

The delegate will be removed from the list and will no longer be able to release your print jobs.

Disabling Delegate Print

If delegators want to print private or confidential documents i.e. documents that shouldn't be made available to all the assigned delegates, they can disable delegate printing by making sure that the "Manually assign delegates on a per job basis" option is selected in Print Center. When this setting is selected, all the assigned delegates will not be able to view or release any of the delegator's documents.

This option does not affect the entire Blueprint system. It only affects the delegates of the logged in delegator.


It is also possible for the delegator to disable Delegate Printing per delegate. This may be necessary if the delegator wants his or her documents made available to some delegates and not to other delegates. To do this:

  1. Select the option "Automatically assign all enabled delegates when print jobs are submitted".
  2. Select the delegate that you do not want to share the document with and then click the Disable button.


Frequently asked questions on Delegate Printing


Why can't I see the Delegate Printing tab in Print Center?

The Delegate Printing tab may not have been enabled in Blueprint Administrator. Contact your administrator.

For Blueprint administrator: Enable Delegate Printing in Blueprint Administrator by checking on “Allow Delegates” under the Print Center > Settings section.


Why can't I add or find a delegate?

The user you are adding as a delegate may not be in the Active Directory. Only users who are in the Active Directory can be added as delegates.


Pharos MobilePrint Integration

How do I send print jobs via MobilePrint?

With MobilePrint integration, there are two additional ways you can send documents to the Pharos Print Center:


  • Email Print submission - Send documents to the MobilePrint email address.
  • Web Print submission - Upload documents via the Pharos Print Center.


How do I send print jobs via email?

  1. From your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, send or forward documents to print (as attachments) to the email address set up in MobilePrint (e.g.
  2. You will receive an email showing a list of your submitted documents and a link to the Pharos Print Center website.
  3. Release your print jobs from the Pharos Print Center or via the device terminals.


How do I upload documents for printing?

You can submit documents by uploading them via the Pharos Print Center:

  1. Log in to the Pharos Print Center using your network ID and password.
  2. Click the Upload icon.
  3. Browse to the location of the document you want to upload.
  4. Click Print.



Supported Formats

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, PDF, Text (CSV, RTF & TXT), Text (CSV, RTF & TXT)


How do I change printing options?

You can change the following printing options:

  • Black & White to Color and vice versa
  • Single-sided to Double-sided and vice versa
  • Number of pages per side (1 pages or 2 pages per side)
  • Number of copies
  • Page range


To change printing options:

  1. Select the document you wish to modify.
  2. Select the printer to which you want to print.
  3. In the Print Options section, set the desired finishing options.




Note: Pharos Print Center allows you to change some printing options of documents sent via MobilePrint. You cannot change document attributes when sent via standard Pharos queues. Also, documents sent via web upload will default to black & white and double-sided.


How do I print multiple copies of my document?

  1. Select the document(s).
  2. In Print Options, in the Copies section, enter the desired number of copies or use the + and - buttons to increment or decrement the value.
  3. Click Print.


How do I register my email address with the Pharos Print Center?

To print documents sent via email, your email address must first be registered with the Pharos Print Center.

  1. If there is no record of your email address when you first send documents to MobilePrint (via email), you will receive a reply email to complete your email registration.
  2. Click the Click to register your email address link. You will be redirected to the Pharos Print Center.
  3. Log in to the Pharos Print Center with your username and password. A message indicates that your email address has been successfully registered to your account.
  4. Click OK.


Note: Email registration is required only once. If you have submitted a document using the same email address, you will not be asked to register the next time you print.


Quota Management

The Quota Management feature of Blueprint Enterprise allows Managers to impose limits on the number of pages that employees in a given group can print or copy monthly.


  • Only users with Quota Manager roles in Blueprint Administrator can access the Quota Management tab in Print Center.
  • The quota usage shown in the Employees tab in Print Center does not necessarily reflect a real-time print/copy usage. Data is updated only after a nightly publication to the Data Warehouse, which typically occurs at 12:00 midnight.
  • For more information, refer to the Blueprint-Pharos Print Center Guide 4.5 document.

How do I configure quotas in Print Center?

To configure quotas, follow these steps:


Step 1- Configure print and copy quotas

  1. Navigate to the Quota Management > Settings menu.
    1. In the Quota Name field, enter your desired name for the quota. This will be used to identify your group in email notifications.
    2. In the Black and White Pages per month, enter how much Black and White pages the entire group can print or copy monthly.
    3. In the Color Pages per month, enter how much color pages the entire group can print or copy monthly.
  2. Save changes.


Step 2 - Configure Email Settings

  1. Make sure the Enable Notifications option is checked on. It is checked on by default.
  2. In the Send daily email after reaching % of either quota, enter the threshold for which a warning email notifications will trigger for the quota.
  3. The following steps are optional:
    • In the Email Prompts, customize the email messages sent to users if desired.
    • In the Table Heading Prompts, customize the column headings for the Quota Usage Report included in the email notification.
  4. Click on the Test Email to send a sample of the email notifications that users will receive when the set threshold is reached or exceeded.


Step 3 - Add Employees to the group

Quotas are only enforced to employees who are added in the Quota Management > Employees menu of Pharos Print Center.You can assign some or all of the employees to the quota group.

  1. Navigate to the Quota Management > Employees.
  2. Click on the Edit Employees button. This will open a dialog box showing a list of employees who belongs to your group.
  3. Select the employees to which the quota should apply to.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save Changes. The Employees tab will display the employees you have selected



The Settings tab is used to configure the amount of print and copy pages per month for the group.

Quota Name
The name of the quota group. This is used to describe the group in email notifications sent to employees.
Black and White Pages per MonthThe number of B&W pages that a group can print or copy monthly.
Color Pages per MonthThe number of Color pages that a group can print or copy monthly.


Email Settings

Enable Notifications

Check this option to enable email notifications. Unchecking this option will stop users from getting email notifications about their usage.

Email notification is enabled by default.

Send daily email after reaching x% of either quota

Enter a percentage of the quota limit for the notification threshold.


Email Prompts

This section shows the email content/message that the employees in the group will receive. You can leave the default message or you can customize by changing the prompts below.

Email SubjectDefines the subject that will appear on the subject line of the email notification.
GreetingHere is defined the email greeting or salutation. By default, this includes the name of the email recipient.
Warning MessageThe body of the email message when a group has reached the threshold of their B&W or Color pages quota.
Quota Exceeded MessageThe body of the email message when a group has exceeded the threshold of their B&W or Color pages quota.
SignatureThis includes the closing of the email. By default, contains the name of the Quota Manager


Table Heading Prompts

This section shows the prompts used in the Quota Usage table in the email notification and the Employees tab in Print Center.



The Employees tab shows the quota usage per employee in the group. In this tab, the Quota Manager can:

  • Check how many pages each employee has printed against the quota's group
  • Add or remove employees from the list.


Frequently Asked Questions about Quota Management


Can quotas be set for individual users?

No. Quotas are set up on a per-group basis only. If there's an employee in your group that you do not want to impose limits on, you can exclude that user in the quota group (by not adding the user in the Employees list in Print Center).


What happens when the group reaches or exceeds the quota?

When a group has reached the designated threshold of their quota, an email notification will be sent to each user belonging to the group. Users in the group will still be able to print or copy, but they will receive email notifications daily until the quota is reset for the next calendar month.


Can a user belong to more than one group?

No. An employee can belong to one Quota Manager only and a Quota Manager can manage one group only.


Can I turn off email notifications?

Yes, but be extra careful when doing so because everyone in the group, including the Quota Manager, will no longer receive email notifications if this option is turned off. To turn off email notifications, uncheck the Enable Notifications option in the Quota Management > Email Settings tab.


Why are some employees not available in the Employee List dialog box?

The employee may not have been associated with the Quota Manager in Blueprint Administrator or the employee has missing fields (e.g. Full Name, email address) in Blueprint Administrator.


I have not printed or used the copier but I am receiving email notifications

Because quotas are enforced on a per-group basis, you will get an email notification if the group has reached or exceeded the set threshold of the quota even if you have not done any printing or copying.


When are quotas reset?

At the end of the calendar month, the quota is reset back to whatever value it is set to.



The Theme tab allows you to customize your Pharos Print Center website to match the look and feel of your organization. You can replace the default Pharos logo with your own image, apply your own colors and icons, and edit the labels of the Print Center website.

Note: A Pharos user with Administrate Blueprint logon role (configured in Blueprint Administrator), when logging onto My Print Center, will have access to the Theme tab.

The Theme tab provides options to configure the following attributes within the Pharos Print Center website:

  • Logos
    • Header Logo (max recommended size is 100x60 pixels)
    • Guest Registration Logo (max recommended size is 260x100 pixels)
    • Logon Page Logo (max recommended size is 260x100 pixels)
    • Favicon (max recommended size is 16x16 pixels)
  • Colors – Change the color scheme of attributes, such as the header and footer, buttons, menu links, etc.
  • Text – Change the text for the following attributes: Login labels and Delegate Printing text.
  • Links - Enables you to add links to web pages on the Print Center page to provide users with useful links, such as custom end-user documentation.


For more information, please refer to the Print Center Guide.


System Monitor


The System Monitor tab shows, the overall health of the Blueprint system. Users with the View System Monitor role (set up in Blueprint Administrator) can perform the following tasks in the System Monitor tab:

  • View the health status of the Analyst and all Collectors in the organization
  • Identify devices that have not been used for Secure Release Here for more than 3 days

The System Monitor includes two sub-tabs: Servers and Secure Devices Usage.

Servers tab

The Servers tab displays the current state of all Blueprint servers (Analyst and Collectors) in your organization. This will help you ensure that the Blueprint servers are up and running. It will also allow you to detect any issues before they escalate into a major problem. You can also configure Blueprint to send email notifications when issues arise. For example, if a Collector on a site is down, Blueprint can send an email alerting the appropriate person of the problem.

Updating Server Details

The Update button in the System Monitor > Servers tab allows you to update details or settings for a specific server.

  • Add, edit, or delete a server group name for a server
  • Enter a server description
  • Disable or enable email notification
  • Override published health status

Overriding published health status

To access the Override published Health Status setting, click on the Update button. There are three options to choose from:

  • NoneThis is the default setting. This option is suitable for print environments without load balancers.
  • Online - This option is useful in an environment where load balancers are used. For example, when a server’s health status reports ‘Error’ the System Monitor sets the server offline, but if the error does not affect Secure Release Here (e.g. users are still able to print), setting the Override published health status to Online will keep the server in the load balancers pool. This means that the load balancer will ignore the health status and continue to process requests from the server.
  • Offline -  This setting is useful when performing maintenance operations or applying updates/Service Packs, for example.

    When this option is selected, the server is marked Offline and the load balancer takes the server out of the pool. Configuring the Override published health status option to Offline stops the load balancer from sending secure jobs to the server so that you can perform troubleshooting or maintenance operations.

Disable/Enable Email Notifications
If a health test fails, an email notification is sent to the specified email address (Servers > Settings > Email Server) in Blueprint Administrator.
To disable email notifications:

  1. Navigate to System Monitor > Servers.
  2. Select the server that you want to stop sending an email notification.
  3. Click the Update button and set the Disable Email Notification setting to Yes.


Secure Printers Usage Tab

The Secure Devices Usage lists the devices that have not been used for Secure Release Here for more than 3 days. This provides administrators a quick way to identify devices that may need attention.

Take note that a device will not be listed in the Secure Device Usage tab if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The device has no Terminal attached to it.
  2. The device is set to ‘Not Reported on’ in the Devices screen.
  3. The device is used for direct printing only.
  4. The device was last used for releasing a secure job more than 30 days ago.


Secure Printers

The Secure tab in the Pharos Print Center allows you to secure and manage several Pharos Sentry Print capable devices.

Note: The Secure tab is available from Blueprint 5.3 only.

For Blueprint Enterprise 5.3, the initial support is for Ricoh Smart Operations Panel (SOP) devices only. Check the to determine if a specific model is supported.


Securing Devices

To successfully secure a device, you must ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The device exists in Blueprint Administrator (Device Management > Devices screen).
  • The device has the following details: Manufacturer, Model, and IP address.
  • The Model of the device is supported. Check the Supported Devices list on page 5 of the Pharos Sentry Print for Ricoh document.
  • The device has no associated Terminal (or if it has it's of type SE50).
  • In Blueprint Administrator, for the “Standard Authentication Method”:
    • “User Logon” needs to be set to “Users can logon using a card or network ID and password”, and
    • “Registration” set to “Users can register with their network ID”

To secure devices:

  1. Select one or more devices that you want to secure.
  2. Click the Secure Printers button.
  3. In the Secure Printers dialog box, configure the following:
    1. Select the desired Available Logon Types using the right arrow button. Remove Logon Types by selecting them and using the left arrow button.
    2. In the Hosting Server option, select the server desired as the secure printer’s host.
    3. Click Review advanced options if you want to set administrative credentials to be set for the printer.
    4. Click the Secure button to initiate provisioning.

After a brief delay, the Status value of the printer will change to show progress (as a percent) with the tag “Processing…”.

The length of time it takes to secure a printer is dependent upon the manufacturer, as some printers require other activities to set device-based options, install other components, and possibly reboot to initialize and launch the newly-installed software. Once the device is secured, the Status will change to Secured and it can be used by employees to release awaiting jobs.


For more information on Pharos Sentry Print, refer to the Pharos Sentry Print for Ricoh document.


Viewing Event Logs

The Event Log tab allows administrative users to view and search events on all the Print Servers (i.e. Collectors) in an organization. It can help identify and diagnose problems with Secure Release Here when they arise. For example, when users cannot log on to terminals or release their print jobs from a terminal, you can analyze events to find out what could be causing the problem.

Note: The Event Log tab is available only to a domain user account with ‘Administrate Blueprint Enterprise’ logon role.


In response to a problem reported by a user, administrators can use the Event Log to:

  • Search the logs for specific events. Events can be searched by Network ID, Job ID, Queue, Terminal Name, User Terminal Session, etc.
  • Refine the search results to show all event related to a particular print job.
  • Export events to a CSV file for further analysis.


To use the event log to troubleshoot Secure Release Here problems:

  1. Select a server using the drop-down menu or select ALL.
  2. Enter a search term, for example, search by network ID, terminal name, etc.
  3. Select the date range to filter events by when they occurred.
  4. Click the Search button.



The MobilePrint tab is used to configure MobilePrint server settings and its features.

Note: To make the MobilePrint tab available in Print Center 2.4 or greater, the following should be true:

  • You must log in with a domain user account.
  • The domain user account must have a record in the Dashboard > Logons screen of Blueprint Administrator.
  • The domain user account must be set to Administrate Blueprint Enterprise and Use Domain Authentication.



General Configuration

Accept EmailsWhether to allow users to email their print jobs to MobilePrint. By default, it is enabled. Unchecking this option disables printing via email as well as email registration. Having the Email to print disabled is suitable for sites/organizations who want to implement Web Print only (print by uploading documents to the Print Center website) .
Default Paper SizeThe default paper size the printer will use if not specified in the print job.


Release Options

Include Print Center link in email responsesIf unchecked, the reply email to the user will not have a link to the Print Center website. However, the Print Center website can still be accessed from a browser provided the user knows its URL.


Email Address Registration

Send email response to unregistered addressesWhether to reply to unrecognized incoming emails. If this is unchecked, emails that cannot be verified by MobilePrint will be ignored.


This shows the version of the MobilePrint that is currently running.

Email Server

Pharos MobilePrint should be set up to connect to the email server of the company. This is so that MobilePrint can receive emails from the email server and also send reply messages to users.

Print Email Settings

Print to email address

The main email address the users should send their print jobs to.

Pages per side, Black&White, Both Sides

Defines the finishing options/document options for the print email account. By default, the primary email address, and the secondary email addresses (if any) are configured as Black & White, Both sides, and 1 page per side.

If using the default settings on this screen:

  • If print jobs are released from a Terminal, the printed output will be Black and White regardless of the document or the printer capabilities.
  • If print jobs are released from Pharos Web Release, it is possible for the user to change the finishing options/document options before printing.

For more information about finishing options, please refer to the 'Understanding Finishing Options' section of the MobilePrint Installation and Configuration Guide.

Test EmailThe Test Email button is used to verify the IMAP and SMTP Server settings you specify. Clicking this button attempts to send an email.


The IMAP options specify which server MobilePrint should download the emails from. The SMTP options specify which server MobilePrint should use to send out notification emails back to the users who sent the print job.

Typical settings for both IMAP and STMP accounts are:


Host name
  • The name of the incoming mail server (IMAP) .
  • The name of the outbound mail server (SMTP).

This may be in the form

Use TLS ⁄ SSLThe SSL mode (i.e. Implicit or Explicit) used by the mail server, or Unsecure if SSL is not used.

The IMAP or SMTP port used.

  • If set to Explicit or Unsecure, it defaults to the standard IMAP port 143 or SMTP port 25.
  • If set to Implicit, it defaults to port 993 for IMAP and 465 for SMTP.

User name of the user on the email server. For Microsoft Exchange, prepending the domain name to the User name may be required.

PasswordThe password for the Username on the email server.
Email operation timeout (ms)This is the amount of time (in milliseconds), that the MobilePrint Server will wait for a response from the Mail Server before attempting to reconnect to the Mail Server. The Mail Server will not process any incoming email while waiting for the timeout to complete. The default is 4000 milliseconds (i.e. 4 seconds).
Authentication required (SMTP only)

Whether the SMTP account requires authentication or not.


Email Rules

Email Filter Rules

Print email bodyMobilePrint can optionally be configured to print the email message's body. Check this option if you want MobilePrint to print the email message.
Maximum emails per user per day acceptedThe maximum number of email messages that can be sent to MobilePrint from one email address per day. This option can prevent denial of service attack.
Maximum number of attachments per email acceptedThe maximum number of email attachments that are allowed in one email. If the number of attachment exceeds the limit, other attachments will not be printed.


Email Message Filter

Email message filtering enables MobilePrint to be configured to process only attachments and discard email messages if they are too short, for example.


The default behavior for MobilePrint is to process the email message if it contains text more than 200 characters. When users release their jobs from the terminals, both the attachments and the email messages will be in the list of jobs ready for printing. If the email message contains text less than 200 characters, the email message will not be processed for printing. Only the attachments will be processed and listed for release.


Filter applies only when there is an attachmentIf "Filter applies only when there is an attachment" and "Print Email body" are checked, filtering works only on an email if there is also an attachment. If this is unchecked, but "Print email body" is still checked, email messages without attachments will always be printed.
Minimum body length (Characters)

The minimum number of words of an email body for it to qualify to be processed, having excluded from the word count all words from the bottom of the email body up to the first 'Keyword'.

The purpose of this setting together with the keyword list mentioned below is to exclude signatures/disclaimers from the email body word count.


Signature Filter (for word count exclusion)

The words or phrases to search for in an email message body before it starts counting the minimum number of characters. The three default keywords are: Sincerely, Cheers, and Regards.

Email Attachment Filter

This enables you to configure a list of attachments (using regular expressions) to be ignored by MobilePrint. If the user sends a job that matches the criteria in the Email Attachment Filter list, it will not be processed.

MobilePrint ships with one default Exclusion Regex ^ATT[0-9]*.(html?|txt)$, This regular expression prevents users from printing attachments starting with ATT , followed by any digits between 0-9 and ending with the extension htm, html, or txt. For example, the file ATT0001.htm will be ignored and will not be processed for printing.

Restricted Email Address Domain

Specify domain names (i.e. the section after the @ symbol in an email address) that you want to blacklist. Enter the domain name(s) that you want MobilePrint to ignore email messages from. MobilePrint will examine the domain name of an email message and will not process it for printing if it matches the specified domain.

Allowed Email Address Domains

Specify domain names (i.e. the section after the @ symbol in an email address) that you want to whitelist.The domain name that you want MobilePrint to accept email messages from. MobilePrint will examine the domain name of an email message and will process it for printing if it matches the specified domain.

Notes on Email Address Domains:

  • MobilePrint looks for exact matches of the domain names. For example, if the allowed email address domain is set up to, email messages from will be ignored. If you want MobilePrint to accept email messages from both domains, add them to the list of Allowed Email Address Domains.
  • To set up additional domain names, click the "Add More" link.
  • Do not include the @ symbol when adding email domains.
  • Wildcards are not yet supported (e.g. *

Email Text

Email Text Template

MobilePrint sends out an email to notify the users of the status of their print jobs. These email messages can be customized using these settings.

Driver Mapping

When releasing a MobilePrint job to a printer, the documents held on the Pharos server must be converted to the printer's format. Depending on which printer the job is being released to, a print driver on the MobilePrint server is required to convert the documents. You can specify which print driver to use according to the printer's make and model you are releasing your job to. By default, MobilePrint installs a generic PCL 5 or PCL6 print driver, which is automatically assigned to all the devices in MobilePrint. However, some devices may not work properly (or at all) without the exact print driver for the printer model.

You can add printer drivers if the default PCL driver does not work with your devices. To add a print driver to the driver list. On the MobilePrint server:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Printers > Add Printer > Add a local printer. Add a printer using any port. You will change this later to use the MobilePrint forwarding ports.
  2. Choose a printer driver and click Next until the driver is installed.
  3. Right-click on the printer you have just installed. Choose Properties > Port. Tick all 10 MobilePrint Forwarding Ports (i.e. MPPort000 to MPPort009) and tick Enable printer pooling. Make sure that you unselect the port you have configured earlier. Only the 10 MobilePrint ports should be checked, otherwise, your printing may fail.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab and uncheck the Enable advanced printing features. Doing this step will improve document quality.
  5. Click Apply and OK.
  6. Restart the following services:
    • Print Spooler Service
    • MobilePrint Worker Service
  7. Map the print driver to the relevant devices. For each device on MobilePrint (Driver Mapping menu), select the appropriate driver from the drop-down list. This driver must match the PDL of the devices in your Pharos Server.


Document Types

This screen shows supported document types by MobilePrint.

Server Locations

This read-only setting shows a list of working Pharos and MobilePrint servers. The initial values are set during the MobilePrint installation. The Pharos servers will update this list according to the current status.

Troubleshooting Pharos Print Center Help


Why don't I see any printers?

Initially, there will be no printers listed in the Pharos Print Center. Only recently used printers will be displayed. You can search for a printer to add it to your list of available printers.


Why is my print job not showing up on the Job list?

If you do not see your document in the job list, you may need to refresh your browser. (Click the Refresh button or press the F5 key when your browser is activated.)


Why can’t I change printing options?

If you cannot change the finishing options for a document, one of the following situations apply:

  • You have not selected a document to print. You must first select a document for the document options to be enabled.
  • You have submitted your documents to a Pharos queue. You can only set print options for jobs sent via email or web upload.
  • The printer that you have selected does not support the option.


Other Questions


How long does my job remain in the Pharos Print Center?

This depends on your administrator settings. By default, print jobs remain at rest in the server's secure, encrypted job repository for 24 hours.


Under Print Options, what does N/A mean?

N/A is short for Not Applicable. It means that you have submitted print jobs to a Pharos queue and not via MobilePrint. You can only change print options for MobilePrint jobs.


How can I tell if the selected print options have been applied to my document?

You can hover over the Print Preview icon to see the print attributes that are currently applied to your document, as shown below.