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Warning: Blocked Files

Depending on how and from where a file has been copied to the target machine, it may have been 'Blocked' by Windows. Trying to install or update Pharos (or any software) using blocked file(s) will most likely prevent that component from working correctly. To check whether a file is blocked and/or unblock it, right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select 'Properties'.


If you download a .ZIP and it is tagged with the Internet Zone (a.k.a Blocked), then and unzip it, the individual files will contain the same Internet Zone marking and all the at risk file types will be blocked leaving you with a folder full of "blocked" files.  Before unzipping, always check the Properties and click the Unblock button if present.


... from another post related to blocked files (Thanks Tim Campbell)


'Another thing to look for that ruins your day is the "blocked" attribute set/retained by NTFS when the file is copied to the server using a method that crosses security zones. Note that copy/paste from a host to another via RDP will normally clear this.  You can also copy the file to a FAT32 partition as an intermediate step. I just prefer to go into Properties of the file and kill it there.'


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