Uniprint & CS Gold search path

Version 3

    Have you wanted to use more than one source of CS Gold funds with your Uniprint system, but only the first one shows up ?


    One of our new customers William Patterson University of NJ has graciously shared how they got it to work as desired.

    CS Gold - Location Settings.jpg

    AllowPartialTrans = 0 (No)

    Balance_Sum_Use_SearchPath = True

    Enable_Balance_Summing = True

    ResumeonPartials = 1 (Yes)


    In SqlPlus, you may need to run a query that updates [searchpathinfo] table

    and sets the [resumesearchonpartials=1] where [searchpathid] for the location used by Pharos

    (* Do not make manual changes to your database unless you are sure of the effects *)


    Save all changes as they are made.

    Reload the Mpp942 config.

    Bounce the MGR for Pharos.


         (If you don't already have a dedicated "Search Path" for Pharos, you may need to create one.  Also, Pharos should also have its own location(s) and not be shared with any other service.)


    TiNo Rexach

    IT/Enterprise Network & Systems

    William Paterson University of NJ


    Created with assistance from CBORD engineer, Susanne Wisor (sp?)