Pharos Print Agent for Mac OS X Release Notes

Document created by Carl Conley on Jan 28, 2015
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This read-me gives instructions for installing and uninstalling PrintAgent  for Mac OS X version 1.262.

For details on using the PrintAgent refer to 'Mac PrintAgent Deployment Guide.pdf'.


  • Pharos Blueprint PrintAgent for Mac OS X works with Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 3 or above.
  • Pharos Blueprint PrintAgent is supported on Mac OS X version 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9.
  • When installing on OSX 10.9, the SSL certificate applied at the Blueprint Server has to be created with sha1 as the digest method.
  • The computer must be able to connect to the Pharos Blueprint Server during installation.
  • There must be a working DNS on the network.

Installing the Mac OS X PrintAgent

To install the Blueprint PrintAgent  for Mac OS X, run the installer and complete all the steps in the Setup Assistant:

  1. Obtain the file PrintAgent.dmg from Pharos Support or or your Pharos Authorized reseller.
  2. Double-click the PrintAgent.dmg file to mount the installation disk.
  3. Double-click the PharosPrintAgent installation disk.
  4. Right click on the PharosPrintAgent image and then select Show Package Contents.
  5. Expand the Contents folder.
  6. Expand the Configuration folder, open the file Settings.plist, and then specify the Blueprint Server that the Mac OS X PrintAgent will communicate with.        
    To do this, enter the fully qualified domain name of the Blueprint Server in the <string></string> element under the BMTMainServerURL element.
  7. The following formats are valid:
  8. Save and close the Settings.plist file.
  9. Distribute the file to all the Mac OS X machines to be tracked. On each machine, double click the         PharosPrintAgent image, and then follow the instructions on the installer user interface.

Once installation is complete, verify that PrintAgent(s) have been installed in the Trackers > Machines section of the Blueprint Administrator.To install the PrintAgent silently, i.e. no screens or dialogs are displayed to the employee, enter the following in Terminal application:

  • sudo /usr/sbin/installer -pkg /path/to/PrintAgent.mpkg -target LocalSystem

Note: before running the silent installer you need to specify the Blueprint Server that the Mac Print Agent will communicate with in the Settings.plist file.

Configuring the Blueprint Servers

By default, the REST Interface that is used by the Mac PrintAgent to communicate with the Blueprint Servers, is turned off.To turn the REST Interface on:

  1. Modify the following line from default to: <HostWebSecureReleaseServices>true</HostWebSecureReleaseServices>          from the <SecureReleaseConfig> element of the GlobalConfig.xml file.
  2. Restart 'Pharos Systems TaskMaster' service.
  3. Restart 'Pharos Systems Secure Release Service' service.

Uninstalling the Mac OS X PrintAgent

Blueprint uses the same .dmg file (PrintAgent.dmg) to install and uninstall the Mac OS X PrintAgent.To uninstall the Blueprint PrintAgent from Mac OS X machines,double-click the PrintAgent.dmg and then select the Uninstall option.


Pharos Blueprint PrintAgent for Mac OS X is different from the Windows version in a number of ways:

  1. Delegate Print is not supported in this version of the Mac OS X PrintAgent.
  2. Page Count Override feature that is part of Blueprint 5.1SP1.2 and above is not supported on Mac OS X PrintAgent.
  3. In previous versions, printing to secure queues from Mac OS X required Unauthenticated Print set up. This is no longer necessary in this version if Policy Print is enabled.
  4. Policy is currently not compatible with the Fast User Switching feature of Mac OS X. Always disable Fast User Switching when installing PrintAgent on a Mac.
  5. Printers on Mac OS X do not have a comments field consequently comments-based rules (Printer Comments) will not work.

What you always wanted to know...

  1. To find out the version of the Blueprint PrintAgent installed, open Terminal application and type:
    • /Library/Application\ Support/Pharos/PrintAgent/PrintAgent --version
  2. To view the logs, use Console application... under /var/log on the left hand side, there should be a folder called com.pharos.PrintAgent.
  3. By default only errors and warnings are logged. To increase logging, set the loglevel to 4 as follows (using Terminal):
    • sudo  /Library/Application\ Support/Pharos/PrintAgent/PrintAgent --loglevel 4

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