Subsequent Uniprint Scout Registrations

Version 5

    The first time you register a Uniprint Scout, a settings file called InstallConfig.ini is generated and stored on the machine that completed the registration. You will find this file in the C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\PrintScout\Deployment directory. you will use this file to register subsequent Uniprint Scouts.


    There are two ways to register subsequent Uniprint Scouts.


    1. Copy the deployment settings file (InstallConfig.ini) in the same directory as the scout installer. When the installer runs, it will use the deployment settings to automatically register the scout with Beacon.
      • After successful installation, a dialog box confirms that the scout has been registered.


    1. Use the Uniprint Scout Configuration tool.
      1. In the Uniprint Scout Configuration Tool, manually select the InstallConfig.ini file, and import the file. To launch the Uniprint Scout Configuration tool:
        • On Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2, open All Programs > Pharos Systems International > Uniprint Scout Configuration.
        • On Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2, open the Start screen and then select Uniprint Scout Configuration.
      2. From the File menu, choose Select Deployment Settings file.
      3. Browse to the location of the settings file (InstallConfig.ini).
      4. Click Check Registration.


    NOTE: If you try to reuse a registration code that has been used to register an account, you will receive an error. Subsequent registration of Uniprint Scouts for the same account requires the captured configuration file from the original registration.




    Creating/Updating a Deployment Settings File