Registering the Uniprint Scout

Version 5

    The Uniprint Scout will continuously send print job information to Beacon. Therefore, the scout must be able to communicate with the server at all times. To ensure this happens, it must be registered with Beacon. To register the Uniprint Scout:


    1. Click the Registration icon in the Uniprint Scout Configuration dialog box.




    2. In the Registration Code field, enter your account registration code, and then click Register. A dialog box appears showing the location of the settings file and the Uniprint Scout installer.


    3. Click OK. The registration process will take about a minute. When the process is complete, two green check marks will verify the successful registration with Beacon, as shown below.





    Next Steps:

    Next, you should verify the status of your Uniprint Scout. In Beacon, go to Discover > Print Scout. You can use the Scout Type and Scout Status columns to verify each Uniprint Scout in your environment. A successful installation is indicated by an OK status in the Scout State column. (If these columns are not displayed, click the Columns button and select them.)


    You will also need to register any additional Uniprint Scouts.


    Subsequent Uniprint Scout Registrations