Device Scout Discovery

Version 8

    As soon as you register your Device Scout, the Device Scout Discovery tool opens.
    Click Scan Now to begin scanning your configured IP range(s) for network print devices.


    During the Device Scout Discovery process, you will begin to see your devices appear in the window, as shown below.
    The green progress bar indicates the number of scanned IP addresses.




    When the device discovery process is complete, you have the option to upload the scan results to Beacon. Click the upload button in the lower right-hand corner and select "Upload to Server".

    Note: Devices pushed to Beacon through the utility will stay in the database and continue to be monitored, even if they are never officially added to a scan range.


    Settings here will not be pushed through to Beacon, so this is a good place to test your configuration settings. See When to use the Device Scout Discovery Utility for more information.