Register the Mac Print Scout

Version 1

    The Mac Print Scout must be associated with your account. To accomplish this step, you will register your account to this Mac Print Scout using the scout's registration code.


    This is what the Registration screen looks like prior to registering the Mac Print Scout.




    In the Registration section, enter your account registration code, and then click on the Register button.


    The Mac Print Scout registration code may be found in the email you received containing all of the scout installation information or it may be viewed by selecting the Download button on the Discover > Print Scout page.


    NOTE: Your assigned role determines if you have access to the Discover > Print Scout page and/or buttons.




    If the registration was successful, you will also see that the Mac Print Scout has been registered to your account along with the message, "Successfully confirmed registration with the server." beneath the "Registered to:" area.




    Click Apply to complete the Mac Print Scout configuration and registration steps and dismiss the dialog.