Register the Device Scout

Version 16

    Now you're ready to register your Device Scout. You will use the Registration Code you copied earlier to register your scout to the Beacon server. To register your Device Scout:


    1. In the Device Scout Configuration tool, click the Registration icon.

    2. Paste your registration code. (We recommend copy and paste to ensure accuracy.)




    3. Click the Register button. The Site Password dialog box appears. It is CRITICAL that you record your password - you will need to use it again. This password will enable end-to-end encryption for future print services. You will also need to enter this password to register the Beacon Print Scout. Your Site Password must be at least 8 characters and it must contain at least 1 character from 3 of the following types: uppercase, lowercase, number, or special character.


    Site Password.png


    4. Verify that you have correctly recorded your password for later use, and then click OK. A message will confirm that your registration was successful.




    5. Click Yes to complete the registration process. You will see a green check mark and a confirmation message under the Registration Code.


    Next Step:


    Next, you will start the Device Scout discovery process.


    Device Scout Discovery