Deploying the Print Scout to multiple machines

Version 5

    You distribute the Print Scout by using the repackaged Print Scout installer. You can deploy it via your existing distribution system. To deploy the Print Scout to multiple machines:


    1. On the machine on which you installed the first Print Scout, open the folder C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\PrintScout\Deployment. Copy and paste the following files to the machines on which you will deploy the Print Scout:
      • PrintScoutInstaller.exe – This is the repackaged Print Scout installer that you will use for mass deployment.
      • InstallConfig.ini - This file contains your Print Scout configuration settings and registration information. Copy it to all machines on which the Print Scout will be installed. This is to avoid having to individually register each Print Scout to the Beacon server.
    2. Use an automated software installation utility, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), to automatically run the Print Scout installer on multiple machines. You can also run the installation package manually on the machine, either locally or using a remote login.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You can run the installer with the /silent switch to suppress installation screens while the Print Scout is installing. NOTE: To run a silent install, the InstallConfig.ini file from Step 1 must be in the same directory as the PrintScoutInstaller.exe file.


    NOTE: The account running the Print Scout installer requires administrator rights on the machine on which it is installed.


    Verifying Print Scout installation


    Go to [Customer Name] > Discover > Print Scout to see the details of all machines on which the Print Scout has been installed. A successful installation is indicated by an OK status in the Scout State column.