Registering a Print Scout

Version 9

    Now that you have downloaded, installed, and configured the Print Scout, you'll need to register the Print Scout with Beacon. The Print Scout will continually send print job information to the server. Therefore, the scout must be able to communicate with the server at all times. To ensure this happens, the Print Scout must be registered with the Beacon server. To register the Print Scout:


    1. In the Print Scout Configuration dialog box, click the Registration icon.


    Print Scout Configuration


    2. In the Registration section, enter your account registration code, and then click Register. Enter the Site Password you created when you registered the Device Scout, and click OK.  


    3. A dialog box appears showing the location of the settings file and the Print Scout package installer. Click OK.


    4. If registration is successful, you will see the following messages. Close the dialog box.


    Print Scout Configuration



    NOTE: If you try to use a registration code that has already been used to register an account, you will receive an error. Subsequent registration of Print Scouts for the same account requires the captured configuration file from the original registration.


    Next Step:

    Next, you'll need to deploy the Print Scout to multiple machines.


    Deploying the Print Scout to multiple machines