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Mac Print Scout Overview

The Mac Print Scout is installed on Mac workstations to track printing activity. Once installed, it collects detailed information about each print job, including who submitted it, when they submitted it, to what device they submitted it, what application they used to print, and so on. This information is sent to Beacon for analysis and reporting.


If you have a Sentry Print license, the Mac Print Scout also has the following functions:

  • Tracks information about direct/secure jobs and sends them to Beacon.
  • Installs Pharos Print Scout Spooler Service – service that provides cloud-based printing services. (In addition to the Pharos Print Scout Service).
  • Provides default Printer queue (HP PCL6).
  • Provides Sentry Print Setup Guide. This wizard guides users through activating Sentry Print on their workstations and mobile device.


Where to Deploy Mac Print Scouts

Install the Mac Print Scout on Mac workstations if you want to:

  • Track direct network device printing
  • Track local device printing (e.g. USB, LPT)
  • Track applications used for printing (e.g. Safari)
  • Provide Sentry Print Services (requires Sentry Print license)
  • Collect, store, and report user and print job information for Sentry Print jobs (requires Sentry Print license)


Mac Print Scout Prerequisites

For Mac Print Scout Requirements, please refer to the Beacon Print Scout: System Requirements document.


Mac Print Scout Installation Overview

Here's how to install the Mac Print Scout:

  1. Download the Mac Print Scout installation package from (Discover > Print Scout > Download) or any of the Setup Guides (Fleet, Print, or Secure). Make sure you've got your Site Encryption Key ready.
  2. Install the Mac Print Scout on a workstation.
  3. Deploy the Mac Print Scout on user workstations.
  4. Verify that the Mac Print Scout was successfully installed in Beacon. (Go to Discover > Print Scout).

Download the Mac Print Scout

To download the Mac Print Scout installation package

  1. Go to Discover > Print Scout screen and then click the Download button.
  2. In the Print Scout Downloads dialog box, enter the Site Encryption Key that you saved earlier (from the Setup Guide).
  3. Click Download.


NOTE: If you do not have the Site Encryption Key, you will not be able to download the Print Scout.


Known Issue

CUPS sandbox setting issue

Upgrading Sierra (macOS 10.12) or High Sierra (macOS 10.13) to Mojave (macOS 10.14) on user workstations breaks the Mac Print Scout. Upgrading to Mojave resets the CUPS configurations the Print Scout installer set. The Print Scout requires sandboxing turned "off".

Pharos recommends the following solutions to fix this issue:

  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Print Scout. The installer automatically turns sandboxing off.


  • Manually turn off the sandboxing by adding a Sandboxing Relaxed line to the CUPs configuration. The following commands disables sandboxing and restarts the CUPS daemon.

sudo bash -c 'echo "Sandboxing Relaxed" >> /etc/cups/cups-files.conf'

sudo launchctl stop org.cups.cupsd


Install the Mac Print Scout


Once the Mac Print Scout installation package is downloaded, double-click on the MacPrintScout.pkg file. You will see the following screen.



Click Continue to proceed with the installation.


Read the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement. Once you have read the terms and conditions and are prepared to accept them, click Continue.



Select Agree to accept the terms of the license agreement and continue with the installation.



Details regarding the install are presented. If you do not wish to make changes to the install location, proceed with the installation by clicking Install.



If you happen to select Change Install Location... you will be presented with the Select a Destination screen. When you are happy with the selected destination, select Continue.

Administrator privileges are required to continue with the installation. Enter an account name and password that have administrator privileges for this Mac workstation and click Install Software.



You will be asked to provide an account name and password with administrator privileges so that you can configure and register the Mac Print Scout. Supply this information and click OK.



When the installation has completed, a screen appears indicating a successful installation. Click Close to exit the installer.



The Print Scout Configuration dialog opens. The Print Scout is automatically registered with Beacon. If the registration is successful, you will see the following message: Successfully confirmed registration with new server.



If you need to change the Server specified, select the Configuration tab, shown below. Then, enter the server address of the Beacon server to which the Mac Print Scout will be registered. Typically, the default server information presented is correct.

If you use a proxy server to communicate to the outside world, enter that information as well. When done establishing server and proxy settings, click Apply.



Verifying Mac Print Scout Installation

Once a Mac Print Scout has been deployed to a workstation, you can verify the status of each installation from Beacon. The Discover > Print Scout page displays details of the individual machines on which a Mac Print Scout has been installed. A Successful installation is indicated by an "OK" status under the Scout State column.


After Print Scout Installation

For organizations with Sentry Print license, the following components will be installed on user workstations.

  • A print queue named Pharos Secure Printer is automatically installed on user workstations. This queue uses a HP PCL 5 print driver (Generic PCL 5c Printer Foomatic- hpijs-pcl5c) and is configured to capture printing sent via the port monitor.
  • The Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide is also installed on user workstations. This wizard guides users through activating Secure Print on their workstation and mobile device.
  • A new service called SpoolerServiceMac is installed to provide Secure Print printing services.

Installed Files

During installation, all Print Scout application files are installed to /Library/Application Support/Pharos and all Print Scout data files are installed to /Library/Application Support/Pharos/PrintScout/AppData.

The Mac Print Scout installs approximately 306 MB of files on the local hard drive. These files include the following:

  • Print Scout application and other files
    • CUPSBackend
    • JobSender
    • Notifications
    • Page Counter
    • Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide
    • Print Scout Configuration
    • Printer Drivers
    • Print Scout
    • SpoolerServiceMac
    • Uninstaller
  • Print Scout data files
    • Sentry Print log files
    • Sentry Print information
    • Settings


Log Files

Print Scout produces log information which can be useful in troubleshooting problems. Here's a list of log files included in Mac Print Scout:

Log File
install.logLog information created during Print Scout installations are written to /var/log/install.log.

For the Print Scout's interaction with Beacon, view the daily logs stored in /var/log/com.pharos.PrintScout.

JobSender.logThe Job Sender is responsible for sending job reporting information up to Beacon. Job Sender log files are written to /Library/Application Support/Pharos/PrintScout/AppData/Logs/JobSender.log
PrintScoutConfig.logLog files related to the Print Scout Configuration tool are written to /Library/Application Support/Pharos/PrintScout/AppData/Logs/PrintScoutConfig.log.
SecurePrintService.logThe Secure Print Service is the service responsible for handling secure jobs and printing them. Secure Print Service log files are stored in /Library/Application Support/Pharos/PrintScout/AppData/Logs/SecurePrintService.log.
Setup Guide Log

Log information related to the Secure Print Setup Guide installed on user workstations are stored in this location: /Users/[UserName]/Library/Logs/SetupGuide/log.log.

Notifications Log

You can find log files related to notifications (i.e. messages shown to users when sending print jobs via the default Secure Print queue) in this location:/Users/[UserName]/Library/Logs/Notifications/log.log.



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