Mac Scout Install Guide

Version 11

    Mac Print Scout Overview

    The Mac Print Scout is installed on Mac workstations to track printing activity. Once installed, it collects detailed information about each print job, including who submitted it, when they submitted it, to what device they submitted it, what application they used to print, and so on. This information is sent to Beacon for analysis and reporting.


    Where to Deploy Mac Print Scouts


    Install the Mac Print Scout on Mac workstations if you want to:

    • Track direct network device printing
    • Track local device printing (e.g. USB, LPT)
    • Track applications used for printing (e.g. Safari)


    Obtaining the Mac Print Scout


    Mac Print Scout installers and registration codes will be provided via email. The registration code is a unique key that associates the Mac Print Scout with your account. The registration code is non-reusable.

    NOTE: If you do not have a registration code, you will not be able to proceed with the installation.


    Mac Print Scout Prerequisites


    For Mac Print Scout Requirements, please refer to the Beacon Print Scout: System Requirements document.


    Mac Print Scout Installation Overview


    Here's how to install the Mac Print Scout:

    1. Download the Mac Print Scout installation package from Beacon (Discover > Print Scout > Download). A link to the Mac Print Scout Installation package may also be provided to you via email.
    2. Set up the Mac Print Scout.
      1. Install the Mac Print Scout on a Mac workstation.
      2. Register the Mac Print Scout using the registration code provided.
      3. In Beacon, verify that the Mac Print Scout was successfully installed. (Go to Discover > Print Scout).


    Install the Mac Print Scout


    Once the Mac Print Scout installation package is downloaded, double click on the MacPrintScout.pkg file. You will be see the following screen.




    Click Continue to proceed with the installation.


    Read the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement. Once you have read the terms and conditions and are prepared to accept them, click Continue.




    Select Agree to accept the terms of the license agreement and continue with the installation.




    Details regarding the install are presented. If you do not wish to make changes to the install location, proceed with the installation by clicking Install.




    If you happen to select Change Install Location... you will be presented with the Select a Destination screen. When you are happy with the selected destination, select Continue.




    Administrator privileges are required to continue with the installation. Enter an account name and password that have administrator privileges for this Mac workstation and click Install Software.




    When the installation has completed, a screen appears indicating successful installation. Click Close to exit the installer.


    Configure and Register the Mac Print Scout


    After successful installation you will be asked to provide an account name and password with administrator privileges so that you can configure and register the Mac Print Scout. Supply this information and click OK. Next, the Print Scout Configuration dialog box appears. This dialog box is used to establish the connection and register the Mac Print Scout to Beacon under your account name. The Registration tab is automatically selected because the information supplied by default is typically correct. If you encounter issues trying to register your account, check that the Server shown on the Configuration tab is correct.


    NOTE: If the Print Scout configuration dialog box does not automatically appear, go to /Library/Application Support/Pharos/PrintScout and select Print Scout Configuration to initiate the configuration and registration process.


    Register the Mac Print Scout



    If you need to change the Server specified, select the Configuration tab, shown below. Then, enter the server address of the Beacon server to which the Mac Print Scout will be registered. Typically, the default server information presented is correct.




    After specifying the server, click Test to attempt a remote connection to the Beacon server. If the test is successful, you will see "Test successful" below the Server field, as shown below.




    If you use a proxy server to communicate to the outside world, enter that information as well. When done establishing server and proxy settings, click Apply.


    Verifying Mac Print Scout Installation


    Once a Mac Print Scout has been deployed to a workstation, you can verify the status of each installation from Beacon. The Discover > Print Scout page displays details of the individual machines on which a Mac Print Scout has been installed. A Successful installation is indicated by an "OK" status under the Scout State column.


    Automatic Registration and Silent Installation




    Registration Error - Registration Code already used

    The following registration error occurs if you are trying to reuse a registration code that has previously been used to register a Mac Print Scout.




    Resolve this issue by clicking OK to dismiss the Registration Error popup then generate and enter a new Mac Print Scout registration code. In Beacon, go to the Discover > Print Scout page to generate a new Mac Print Scout registration code via the Download dialog box.


    Registration Error - Registration Code not for Mac Print Scout


    If you were to accidentally select a registration code that is not for the Mac Print Scout, you will see the following message when you attempt to register the Mac Print Scout using that code.




    Uninstalling the Mac Print Scout