Employee Print Cost

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The Employee Print Cost value is the average print cost per user over the last 30 days (or for the number of days the Print Scout(s) have been in operation). It is calculated as follows:


Employee Print Cost = Monthly Print Cost / Number of active users


Active users refer to those users who have printed in the last 30 day period.


The colors on the gauge indicate whether or not you are within your set target:


  • A green gauge indicates that the print cost is under your target value.
  • A yellow gauge indicates the print cost is close to, but does not exceed your target. It may warrant further monitoring and investigation.
  • A red gauge indicates that the print cost exceeds your target value.


Why is this important?


You should try to reduce this value because doing so will reduce your organization’s operating cost. To learn why the average employee print cost is above your target value, you can click inside the Employee Print Cost card to open the explorer. There, you can drill down and identify the key contributors to this higher-than-expected cost. As you drill down into the data, keep the following questions in mind:


  • Which regions or departments spent the most on printing?
  • Which users are responsible for the most printing within the selected region or department?
  • Is the user’s print cost justified? Print users in certain positions may be required to do more printing than others. For example, administrative staff are likely to print more than engineering staff.