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The Device Cost screen displays detailed information about the cost of your print devices. Knowing how much each device in your fleet is costing you will allow you to quickly identify outliers by location, category, and manufacturer. You can then target the changes that will produce the greatest benefit.


You can also use this view to verify and resolve billing issues that may arise with a service provider. Or, you can use this view to verify that you are meeting your print budget and to plan future print budgets based on historical performance. Other strategies include:


  • To see which devices are the most expensive by Cost Per Page so that you can move volume to a lower-cost device, sort by CPP mono and color.
  • To see which devices are cost outliers for the year so that you can take action to replace or redirect volume, sort by annual cost.
  • To see which devices cost the most by manufacturer, category, and location, e.g. 30 day, annual, or Cost Per Page).
  • To validate an unexpected bill from a print service provider, filter by serial number or other identification (MAC Address, IP address) and then view the appropriate cost metric.


Device Costs


The system automatically assigns an estimated cost to each device discovered by either the device scout or print scout. This default cost is based on the best market information available and represents typical operating costs for each model discovered. You may want to override these costs with actual costs for each device in your fleet.


Methods for changing a device(s) Cost Per Page (CPP) Value


Import Cost and Metadata Information

Click the Import button. Choose your CSV file and map the information appropriately. You can also click the Preview tab to confirm your mapping. Then, click OK.


Cost Profiles

Use a Cost Profile to assign a single CPP Mono and Color set to a logical group of devices.


Directly Edit a Device

  • Go to Discover > Device Inventory.  Select a device or multiple devices.
  • Click Edit.
  • Enter CPP values


Note: This tab shows local and network device information.