PostScript Point Conversion Tool and Cost Estimator

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Pharos Uniprint Suite expresses a job's page dimensions in terms of PostScript points. For those that do not know, there are 72 PostScript points in a standard inch (making each one roughly 0.35mm). While this "unit of measure" is quite handy when you've spent some formative adult years worrying about picas and ciceros, it falls flat when you've ... well, when you've not. For most of you, this function of Uniprint is of little consequence because we've taken to providing, when these little points match up, a paper size equivalent (like "Letter" or "A4"), since most standard laser printers (and most inkjet devices) only support common paper sizes. But what about plotters, or wide- or grand-format printers? Yep, you guessed it: if the user chooses a common paper size (like ArchD) then we're golden, but if they decide that their effort requires printing on a 33" x 52" sheet of paper, that custom size just ends up expressed in PostScript points.


To assist those of you that may have to (even occasionally) look at a transaction or awaiting print job and see if the "area based" job cost model is calculating a custom job correctly, I developed a little tool as an Excel spreadsheet that lets you plug in the point-based dimensions and easily see what the equivalent size (in inches and millimeters) is. You can also plug in your area-based JCM value and see if what you're getting in Uniprint is accurate. It's use is pretty straightforward: plug in your Point values and your JCM values. The rest of it calculates for you automagically.




-Scott Olswold