Download and install a Uniprint Scout

Version 9

    Before you install the Uniprint Scout, we strongly recommend that you already have the Beacon Device Scout installed and successfully pulling data.


    Install the Device Scout on a Windows Server machine

    Uniprint Prerequisites


    Uniprint Scout Installation Overview


    The Uniprint Scout must be installed on Uniprint Servers to track printing in a Uniprint environment. The following steps summarize how to install the Uniprint Scout and deploy it to multiple clients and/or print servers.


    1. Download the Uniprint Scout installer from Beacon: Go to Discover > Print Scout > Download.
    2. Using the downloaded package, install the Uniprint Scout on your Uniprint Servers.
    3. Verify that the Uniprint Scouts are successfully installed: Go to Discover > Print Scout.


    Installing the Uniprint Scout


    To install the Uniprint Scout:


    1. Download the Uniprint Scout installer: Go to Discover > Print Scout > Download.


    2. In the Print Scout Downloads dialog box, click the Uniprint Scout link. This downloads the Uniprint Scout installer package.


    3. Install the Uniprint Scout on your Uniprint Servers by running the file UniprintScoutInstaller.msi. The following screen will appear:


    Pharos Uniprint Scout.png


    4. Click Next to continue. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement.


    5. Click Install to proceed. When the installation is complete, click Finish.



    When the installation is complete, the Print Scout Configuration dialog box appears (shown below). The Print Scout is automatically registered with Beacon. If the registration is successful, you will see the following message: Successfully confirmed registration with the server.

    The registration process captures the configuration and registration details and applies the settings automatically to subsequent Print Scout installations.



    If you use a proxy server, you can  click Read System Proxy (from the Configuration tab) to pull the proxy settings from the local machine’s configuration.


    Click Save to complete the configuration


    Next Step: Subsequent Uniprint Scout installations