Install a Device Scout

Version 13

    The Device Scout continually discovers and collects information from your network print devices and sends that information back to Beacon. The Device Scout is installed on a Windows server and runs various tasks on defined schedules, which include discovering new devices on the network and collecting meter, supply, status and alert information. After your network print devices are discovered, they are listed in Beacon Fleet Manager (the Fleet tab). Fleet manager comprises six views, Meter, Toner, Volume, Status, Cost and Inventory, each of which provide easy access to the device information in its category.


    NOTE: Normally a site would need only one Device Scout. However, a site with a large number of network devices spread across different networks (e.g. geographically dispersed sites), it may be necessary to distribute Device Scouts across multiple servers.


    Beacon Device Scout: System Requirements


    Prepare to Install the Device Scout


    Before you install a Device Scout, you first need to create a Device Scout, configure it, and download it.


    Create and Configure a Device Scout


    1. Go to Discover > Device Scout
    2. Click the Create button to open the Create Device Scout dialog box.
    3. Enter a Device Scout Name and click Save.
    4. Copy the Registration Code associated with your new scout. (Select the Registration Code and press Ctrl+C.)
    5. Click Configure to open the Configure Device Scout dialog box. Here, you will set your IP ranges and your scan schedule. For more information on this configuration process, please refer to the Device Scout Configuration document.
    6. Click Download to start the download process.


    Device Scout Registration Code


    In step 4 above, the registration code that you copy is a unique code that associates the Device Scout with your account. You will later paste this code into Registration Code field during installation. This code is not reusable. If you need to install the Device Scout at another location, you will need a new registration code.


    Installing the Device Scout


    1. Once the setup package is downloaded and unzipped, double-click setup.exe to start the installation. You will be presented with the following Welcome screen.




    2. Click Next to continue. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement.




    3. Click the Change button if you want to install the Device Scout in a different folder. Otherwise, accept the default folder and click Next.




    4. Click Install to proceed.




    5. Click Finish to exit the installer.




    Next Step:


    Next, you will configure the Device Scout within the installation process.


    Installing a Device Scout: Configuration