Uniprint 9.0 New Features

Version 2

    The following new features and capabilities have been introduced in Uniprint® Suite 9.0:

    • Pharos Print Center 1.0, a web interface that allows users to release jobs and manage their accounts
    • Credit card gateway integration with Pharos Print Center which allows Uniprint to integrate with the PayPal™ gateway service. This enables a user to add funds via credit card, debit card, or PayPal account
    • Support for the latest version of Pharos MobilePrint 2.0
    • Support for JAWS® screen reader on version 14 on Windows XP and Windows 7 for ADA compliance
    • Support for RAW protocol on native jobs
    • Uniprint now allows multiple email addresses for a user account
    • Improved actions on print release failure (i.e. retry printing, free printing).
    • New Pharos Print Center and PayPal related settings added to the System > System Settings context of Pharos Administrator
    • Other changes that were part of the Uniprint 8.4 Hotfixes