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The Account Profile > System Users page displays a list of Beacon end users and their details, such as name, email address, role, title and login status. On this page, an End User Administrator can create new users, invite users to login to the Beacon system, edit user details, and delete user records.


Create a new Beacon End User


To create a user, you must be signed in as an End User Administrator.


  1. Select Account Profile > System Users.
  2. Click the Create button. This opens the Create System User dialog.
  3. Enter the following required fields: Name, Email Address, and Role Name. Refer to the table below for the descriptions of each field.
  4. Select Save when you are done.
  5. A new user will be added to the System Users list.


After creating a user, the next step is to invite the user to the Beacon system. Newly created users will not be able to login to the Beacon system until he or she is invited.


Field Name

Field Description


Enter the name of the user to be created.

This is a required field.

Email Address

Enter the email address of the user. Invitation to log in to Beacon will be sent to the email address that you enter here. This email address will be used to log in to the Beacon web portal. The user will be asked to set a password during activation.

Email address should be unique.

This is a required field.

Role Name

Access to the Beacon web portal will be based on the roles that are assigned to users.

From the drop-down, select the role to associate to the new user.

Please see Assign User Roles for more information.

This is a required field.


Enter the user’s title.


The Address details for the user. The information is stored as contact details if required by the Administrator.

There are multiple lines so you may include suite numbers and other details as needed.


Enter the city where the user is located.


From the dropdown, select the state where the user is located.

Zip Code

Enter the user’s zip code.

Phone Number

Enter the user’s telephone number.


Invite a Beacon End User


  1. Select Account Profile > System Users.
  2. Select the user(s) you want to invite by clicking on the checkbox next to their name(s). You can invite multiple users by checking multiple user names.
  3. Click the Invite button. This opens the Invite System Users dialog box. It will show a message letting you know how many people will be invited to use Beacon.
  4. Click the Send button.
    1. The selected users will receive an email message to login to Beacon. The email message will contain a link to access Pharos Beacon.
    2. An invitation is valid for 30 days only. The user has to login to Beacon before the invitation expires. The Login Status column shows the date and time when the invitation expires for each user.


Edit details of a Beacon End User


You can edit one user at a time only. The Edit button will be grayed out when none or more than one user account is selected.


  1. Select Account Profile > System Users.
  2. Select the user account to edit by clicking on the checkbox next to their name.
  3. Select the Edit button to display the Edit System User dialog.
  4. Edit the field(s) you want to change.
  5. Select Save when done.


Delete a Beacon End User


  1. Select Account Profile > System Users.
  2. Select the user account to be deleted. You can select multiple users to be deleted.
  3. Select the Delete button to display the Delete confirmation dialog.
  4. Click OK to delete the selected user(s).


Deleted users will no longer be able to access the Beacon system. Login Attempts by deleted users will fail.