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The Data Quality indicator represents the overall level of completeness of the print data collected in your environment. The percentage value indicates how much more can be done to improve the level of your print data completeness. A value of 100% is not necessarily a goal you must achieve; this only means that all possible data, for all devices and all print users, is currently being collected throughout your organization. Data Quality issues can be resolved and improved with minor maintenance and/or expansions of service.


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Situations that may affect the Data Quality value

The Data Quality metric uses data obtained from both the Device Scout(s) and Print Scout(s). It compares the two to identify potential gaps in the data being collected. For example, in some organizations, there may be a period of time in which a new employee workstation is introduced and it begins to generate print jobs before a Print Scout is deployed to the workstation. This would result in volume data collected at the device level without a corresponding record at the user level. This situation would reduce the Data Quality percentage value until or unless the data is reconciled.


Also, customer network issues may prevent Beacon from properly identifying an output device. This is not a common occurrence, but the Data Quality value will decrease if Beacon cannot identify the output device to which certain jobs are sent.


Data Quality details


You can click or hover over the Data Quality indicator to see a quick breakdown of the factors that affect the overall Data Quality value. As shown below, you will see the status of the Device Scout and Print Scout, the percentage of employees currently reporting a complete record, and any unidentified volume that has been discovered.

DataQuality Open.PNG


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