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On the Analysis > Device screen, you can view all available reports for your account. The report buttons, shown below, provide a brief description of the report, the date the report was last run (if applicable) and the report status. To run a report, click the report name or thumbnail image. In the dialog box that appears, enter the date range for the report (if applicable) and click OK. When a report has been successfully generated, click Complete to open the report.


If you have not yet generated a report, "No Report" will appear on the report button, as shown in the Device Details report button above. When you generate a report, the report button is automatically updated to show the start date and time and the status of the report. The Status will be one of the following: No Report, In Progress, Complete, or Failed. You can access a report when the status is Complete. Reports are generated as a PDF file and will appear in a new browser tab. You can save the report by using your browser's Save command. For each available report type, there may only be a single report version. Generating a new version of a report will replace the existing report version.


NOTE: All reports except Latest Meters contain cost data. When a change is made to your cost model, reports containing cost data will need to be re-generated to reflect your cost updates. Please refer to the Device Cost document for more information.


Report Options





Device Dashboard

Provides a summary of key performance metrics and a table listing all devices and their corresponding details.

Start Date, End Date

Device Detail

Provides detailed information on the selected device over a specified time frame. You can initiate a Device Detail report in two ways; from the Analysis > Device screen, like all other device reports, or from a specific Fleet Manager view (Meter, Toner, Volume, Status, Cost, or Inventory).

Start Date, End Date, Serial Number

Device List

Provides a list of all devices and their volume, operating cost, and serial number.

Start Date, End Date

Latest Meters

Provides a list of devices and their meters, organized by most recent Meter Read Date.


Monthly Volume Trends

Provides three graphs showing Color Volume and Total Volume trends, Color Cost and Total Cost, and output trends broken down by device type.

Start Date, End Date


NOTE: If the report encountered an error when last run, you may see “Failed” instead of a date. If you see this message, contact your system administrator for assistance.