Configure Targets

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Targets Overview


You can configure target values (i.e. an acceptable range of values) for the following metrics:


  • Employee Print Cost
  • Color Volume
  • Single-sided Volume
  • User Device Ratio
  • Local Devices Ratio


The target appears as a line on the gauge. Within the gauge, hover over the triangle pointing to the target line to display the target value or look for the text below each gauge. In the upper right hand corner of each card, you can easily read if that item is below target, within target, or over target. Default values are present, but you can modify the targets based on your organization’s needs.The Dashboard is designed to track the status of your print environment based on the target that you define for each of the metrics mentioned above. The current value of the metric is compared against the target value that you define.



The status of a metric is represented by color. The gauge color changes when the current values are over, close to, or under the target. The current value appears inside the gauge.


  • Green – The gauge is green if the current value is below or equal to the configured target. This indicates a healthy state.
  • Yellow – The gauge is yellow if the current value is close to the target; this indicates that the category may warrant closer monitoring and investigation.
  • Red – The gauge is red if the current value is above the target, which implies that the category is not in a healthy state and should be examined more closely.


NOTE: Lower values are better for the following metrics: Print User Print Cost, Color Volume, Single-sided Volume and Local Devices Ratio. A higher value is better for the User Device Ratio.


Default Targets


By default, Beacon uses the following targets.




Print user print cost (Print user monthly cost)

$20.00 per user per month

Color volume (Print user color percentage)

18% of monthly print volume

Single-sided volume (Single-sided percentage)

30% of monthly print volume

User device ratio (Print user to device ratio)

8 users per device

Local devices ratio (Local device to user ratio)

5 local devices per 100 users


Setting Targets


To modify a target, click the Print tab with the Dashboard in view, then click the Configure Targets button to open the Configure Targets dialog box. Select each metric that you wish to configure. Enter the desired target by dragging the ball to the desired value. When you're done, click Save. The date of the change is recorded.


Note: Only users with the appropriate permissions are allowed to configure targets.