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Print Dashboard Overview


The Print Dashboard provides a summary of key metrics for your print environment over the last 30 days. It highlights areas that require further exploration and it helps you to identify actions you can take to improve your print environment.


To launch the Print Dashboard, you simply click the Print tab. Key information is displayed on six “cards” that provide quick access to the most common categories of information you’ll want to track over time: the cost of printing per employee, how much color and single-sided printing has occurred, how many users share a particular device, and how many local devices are available per 100 users. You can click inside any card to drill further into the data, giving you more context and detail for each category.


To start collecting data, you must first Install the Print Scout. A Print Scout collects detailed information about print jobs, devices and users. That information is automatically sent to the Beacon server for analysis and reporting. If the Print Scouts have not yet collected any printing data (i.e. no print activity has occurred), the Dashboard will appear in SAMPLE mode.


The Print Dashboard displays the following metrics:



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For various scout and account states, you may see a message on the Dashboard with a Learn More link. Explore the links below for more information.