Version 15

    On the Meter screen, you can view basic device details including life count, copy and print counts, location, and activity. To customize what you see in this view, click the Columns button and select the data you want to see and deselect the columns you do not need to see. The application will immediately add or remove each column as you select or deselect them. You can also filter, sort, and group information, as described in the Using Tables section.


    NOTE: The Meter Read Confidence column is available only on the Meter screen. The Meter Read Confidence level indicates the type of meter data a device is capable of reporting. Devices that have a high level of confidence are marked as level 1 devices and are capable of reporting meter counts for Life Count Mono (LCM), Life Count color (LCC), and Life Count Total (LCT). When all meter count categories are not reported by the device, Beacon calculates life meter counts as described in the following table.



    0 - No processing from device (reserved for legacy/stale devices).

    1 - This device can report all meters.
    2 - This device reports LCM and LCC only. LCT must be calculated as the sum of LCM and LCT.
    3 - This device reports LCM only. Usually found in monochrome devices that do not have a color counter, in which case LCT = LCM.
    4 - This device cannot report LCM or LCC - it must be derived from the Total life count.
    5 - This device reports LCT, but not LCC and LCM. We calculate LCC from the function splits, and then LCM = LCT - LCC.



    LCM - Life Count Mono

    LCC - Life Count Color

    LCT - Life Count Total