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The Beacon Device Scout scans your network to discover devices and collect comprehensive device information. It then sends the information to Beacon.


The Discover > Device Scout screen displays details of the Device Scout record. As scouts are created and deployed, you can view their details here, including the deployment state and registration date.


To customize the data you see, click the Columns button, select the data you wish to see and deselect the data you don't need to see. You can also filter, sort, and group the table as described in Using Tables.


NOTE: Normally, a site would need only one Device Scout. However, for a site with a large number of devices spread across different networks (e.g. geographically dispersed sites), it may be necessary to distribute Device Scouts across multiple servers.




Scout Name

The name given to the Device Scout.

Scout GUID

The unique identifier for the Device Scout.

Registration Code

The unique Registration Code for the Device Scout.

Registration Date

The date and time the Device Scout was registered to the Beacon server.

Last Heartbeat

The date and time the Device Scout last sent its health status to the server. By default, the Device Scout sends its status to the server once per day.

Scout State

The current health status of the Device Scout. It can be one of the following:


  • OK – This indicates that the machine has contacted the Beacon server and is functioning correctly.
  • Uninstalled – This indicates that the Device Scout has been uninstalled and therefore is not collecting data.
  • Requires attention – This indicates that the Device Scout is running, but there's an outstanding issue. An error message provides more information about the state.
    • Note: If the scout monitoring task finds the scout service stopped and cannot restart the service, it will log to both the Scout logs and the Windows Event Log. If the Scout service successfully restarts, this will be communicated to Beacon via the Scout health report, where the Scout status will be reported as 'Requires Attention'. This state means that the Scout had a problem requiring a restart at least once in the last 24 hours. The state will revert to 'OK' if there are no further problems for 24 hours.

Scout Version

The version of the Device Scout software installed on the machine.

Scout Rules Version

The SNMP rules version that the Device Scout uses to capture device information.

Sentry Print Enabled
  • Yes - The Device Scout is licensed for Sentry Print.
  • No - The Device Scout is not licensed for Sentry Print.

Customer GUID

The Unique identifier for the site.

Network Hostname

The network name of the machine on which the Device Scout is installed.


The machine’s domain name.

IPv4 Address

The machine’s IP address.

Operating System

The operating system in use on the machine (e.g. Windows Server 2003 Standard Service Pack 2 – Build 3790).

Uninstall Date

The date and time that the Device Scout software was uninstalled on the machine.


Action Buttons


Use the Create button to create a new Device Scout record.


  1. On the Discover > Device Scout screen, click the Create button to open the Create Device Scout dialog box.
  2. Enter a Device Scout Name and then click Save.


Use the Download button to download the Device Scout installation package.


  1. On the Discover > Device Scout screen, select a scout to download.
  2. Click the Download button to download the scout.


Use the Configure button to configure a Device Scout. You can configure only one scout at a time. Please refer to the Device Scout Configuration document for more information.


Use the Delete button to delete a Device Scout. Please refer to the Delete a Device Scout document for more information.