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Version 64
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    Revision History


    What got fixed?RevisionVersionRelease dateDownloads
    Added detection of attribute Booklet for Sharp driver.11276510.0.9962.1Sep 2018download
    Improved color detection with PCL/XL.11179810.0.9959.1July 2018
    Improved blank page detection for PostScript.11172210.0.9957.1July 2018
    Forced output to be mono when printing PDF files on a Mac with the PostScript driver and the PPD was set to greyscale.11111110.0.9953.1May 2018

    Addressed mono page detection issue as color with Canon iPF785 driver. Re-addressed blank page detection issue with the Lexmark Universal v2 PS3 driver and increased maximum number of the allowable invisible characters in a page.

    10941510.0.9938.0Jan 2018
    Addressed blank page detection issue with the Lexmark Universal v2 PS3 driver.10916110.0.9927.0Jan 2018
    Added support to page count correctly the banner pages when a banner configured under Windows Print Queue Properties > Advanced Tab > Separator page button.10701610.0.9827.0Sep 2017

    Added support for Epson SureColor P5000.

    Some improvements made to page count encrypted PDF documents.

    10473410.0.9724.0June 2017
    Added support to detect Super A3 (13"x19") paper size for Epson Stylus Pro 4900 Printer.9889210.0.9473.0SEP 2016

    Skipped page counting and returned failure for any job with


    9524610.0.9318.0MAY 2016
    Fixed issue in detecting pages which is caused by huge image in PostScript.9265410.0.9222.0JAN 2016
    Fixed PageCounter for detecting Fold for Xerox EX C60 drivers.9255610.0.9218.0JAN 2016

    Added support for Brother MFC-5890CN and compatibles.

    Fixed issue regarding detecting Booklet/Staple for Xerox EX C60 drivers.

    9252710.0.9215.0JAN 2016

    Added support for Brother Inkjet printers.

    Some improvements with Brother laser for color detection.

    Better support for some HP Photo printers.

    9180210.0.9182.0DEC 2015
    Fixed color detection issue when jobs were printed as mono for Samsung Universal PS v2.50.06.8988310.0.9097.0OCT 2015

    The issue with Epson SureColor SC-T7200 with EJL commands in the header of a PostScript spool file has been fixed.

    8926710.0.9074.0SEP 2015
    Fixed PageCounter for calculating incorrectly the page numbers for Canon PCL drivers8892910.0.9060.0AUG 2015
    Fixed existing problem of parsing the DSC command %%Page for driver Oce ColorWave postscript.8834610.0.9038.0AUG 2015

    Fixed PageCounter checking for memory usage that resulted in failure due to 'Exceed set limit'.

    86410JUNE 2015
    Added special handling for MonoCyan and MonoMagenta jobs from RISO printers.86257JUNE 2015
    Fixed PageCounter log rolling over by deleting the old bak file first.86273JUNE 2015
    Fixed issue where parser should check for a Secure Release header and skip it.84870MAY 2015
    Added "Force DSC" option to skip PostScript parser.84833MAY 2015
    Added processing of encrypted PDF documents. Supports page count and paper size. Encryption inhibits color detection.84525APR 2015
    Detect 2-up flag from RISO PS driver.83259MAR 2015
    Improved detection of Canon UFR-II spool files.82974MAR 2015
    Improved B&W detection for Mac HP Designjet Raster Driver.82527FEB 2015
    Fixed a backward compatibility issue with jobs submitted using the Uniprint 8.1 Popup Client.82130FEB 2015
    Detect color (CMYK) for PCL drivers that use the undocumented raster format 6.81593JAN 2015
    Handle case where some PCL drivers include a spurious form feed at the start of the spool file.81560JAN 2015
    Added support for Kip/GL and Kip/Script spool files.81521JAN 2015
    Improved blank page detection for the Lexmark Universal PostScript driver.80733DEC 2014
    Improved parsing of the new OCE job control language in PCL/HPGL spool files.80278DEC 2014
    Added support for multiple copies requested from OCE Plotwave driver.80255NOV 2014
    Detect grayscale in new Xerox Mac driver.79226OCT 2014
    Added support for Fuji-Xerox FXPLW spool files.78798OCT 2014
    Fixed an issue with some large PDF files.78785OCT 2014
    Improved image color detection in PDF parser.78627OCT 2014
    Improved the copy count handling for PCL/XL.78607OCT 2014
    Additional fix to Citrix EMF detection.78271SEP 2014
    Improved EMF detection to catch Citrix spool files.78257SEP 2014
    Better color detection for Canon IVEC.76328JUL 2014
    Fixed build errors on Mac.76270JUL 2014
    Added support for Canon IVEC printers.76239JUL 2014
    Better detection of B&W switch on RISO printers.76199JUL 2014
    Detect B&W switch on RISO PS driver.74511MAY 2014
    Changed PDF parser to include better error recovery when an array or dictionary structure is corrupt, and smarter resolution of ambiguous object references.71287MAR 2014

    Further improvements to PDF color detection. Updated to latest official libjpeg source. Major rewrite to the PDF parser; color detection is now much improved.

    70985FEB 2014


    Color detection for US tax forms in PDF.69876JAN 2014