Pharos Product Life Cycle Support Policy

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This document outlines the current policy for support of released products. This includes a broad policy statement, specifics about the meaning of support, and a detailed statement by product.




Product support is broken into four categories or levels:


Support LevelSupport Statement
CurrentWe will respond to level 1, 2, and 3 support questions. We will make code changes and will release Service Packs and/or Hot Fixes.
ExtendedWe will respond to level 1, 2, and 3 support questions. At our discretion, we may review code and release Hot Fixes.
MatureWe will respond to level 1 and 2 support questions, i.e. we will answer questions on product usability. We will not review code, nor will we make code changes or release Service Packs or Hot Fixes.
RetiredAt our discretion, we may respond to basic support questions; however, no advanced support, code changes, or Service Packs will be provided. You will be advised to upgrade to a Currently Supported product to ensure you receive full product support.


Discretionary Support

The product support levels define the minimum level of support we guarantee to provide for a product. Pharos Support, at their discretion, may provide extra help. For example, they may help a ReserveIT customer (a discontinued product) to create a new User (requires no research—it’s a simple question). But they will recommend an upgrade and make the customer aware that the product is no longer officially supported.


Product Support

  • When a product version is released, that release will maintain Current Support for a period of at least 12 months from the date of release.
  • 12 months after the release date, the release may move to Extended Support status.
  • 24 months after the release date, the release may move to Mature Support status.
  • A release will maintain Mature Support status until Pharos Systems retires that release. The decision to retire a release is based on factors including the current Pharos’ product portfolio and new technology that may cause the release to function incorrectly.


There may be exceptions to these rules, specifically where we may increase the supported period for a particular release if that release has not been replaced by a newer version or where we may reduce the supported period for a release due to it being discontinued.


Discontinued Products

Discontinued products and/or product features include:

  • Net-IT
  • PrintOp
  • StudeNT
  • Reserve-IT (replaced by SignUp)


Blueprint Support


SuiteVersionRelease DateSupport Status
Blueprint Enterprise5.3June 2019Current
Blueprint Enterprise5.2July 2015Extended
Blueprint Enterprise5.1April 2013Mature
Blueprint Enterprise5.0November 2011Retired
Blueprint Enterprise4.2September 2010Retired
Blueprint Enterprise4.1July 2009Retired
Blueprint Enterprise3.5 R2November 2008Retired
Blueprint Enterprise3.5June 2007Retired
Blueprint Enterprise3.2April 2006Retired
Blueprint Enterprise3.1September 2005Retired
Blueprint Enterprise3.0December 2004Retired
Blueprint2.1October 2003Retired
Blueprint2.0December 2002Retired


Uniprint Support


SuiteVersionRelease DateSupport Status
Uniprint Solution Suite9.1May 2018Current
Uniprint Solution Suite9.0 R2July 2015Extended
Uniprint Solution Suite9.0June 2014Mature
Uniprint Solution Suite8.4July 2013Retired
Uniprint Solution Suite8.3June 2012Retired
Uniprint Solution Suite8.2February 2011Retired
Uniprint Solution Suite8.1December 2009Retired
Pharos Solution Suite8.0June 2008Retired
Pharos Solution Suite7.2September 2006Retired
Pharos Solution Suite7.1May 2006Retired
Pharos Solution Suite7.0July 2005Retired
Pharos Solution Suite6.1October 2004Retired
Pharos Solution Suite6.0March 2004Retired
Pharos Solution Suite5.3July 2003Retired
Pharos Solution Suite5.2March 2003Retired
Pharos Solution Suite5.1June 2002Retired
Pharos Solution Suite5.0April 2001Retired
Pharos Solution Suite2.x  - 4.xRetired


MobilePrint Support


SuiteVersionRelease DateSupport Status
MobilePrint2.3May 2018Current
MobilePrint2.2.1July 2017Extended
MobilePrint2.2October 2016Recommend updating to 2.3
MobilePrint for Uniprint2.1July 2015Extended
MobilePrint for Blueprint2.0.1July 2015Mature
MobilePrint2.0June 2014Mature
MobilePrint1.3.2November 2013Retired
MobilePrint1.3.1April 2013Retired
MobilePrint1.3.0 CRFebruary 2013Retired
MobilePrint for Uniprint1.22012Retired
MobilePrint for Blueprint1.12012Retired