MobilePrint Service Packs and Hot Fixes

Version 25


    MobilePrint 2.2

    Notice to MobilePrint 2.2 customers: A few of our customers recently reported an issue related to high-volume job traffic. We will have an update available this month (MobilePrint 2.2.1) and we will notify you directly to help you perform the update and answer any questions you might have. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    VersionComponentRelease dateDownloadsReadme
    2.2MobilePrint 2.2 (For Uniprint 9.0 R2 SP 3 or higher) OCT 20162.2.1 coming soondocumentation


    MobilePrint 2.1


    VersionComponentRelease dateDownloadsReadme
    2.1Update MobilePrint Core (ONLY for Blueprint 5.2 SP1 customers upgrading from MobilePrint 2.01 to 2.1)JAN 2016downloadreadme
    2.1Block Encrypted PDF FilesAUG 2015downloadreadme
    2.1Fix Job Rendering Error (69 MB)AUG 2015downloadreadme



    MobilePrint 2.0


    VersionComponentRelease dateDownloadsReadme
    2.0Block Encrypted PDF FilesAUG 2015downloadreadme



    MobilePrint 1.3.2


    VersionComponentRelease dateDownloadsReadme
    1.3.2MobilePrint 1.3.2 Service Pack 1JUNE 2014downloadreadme



    MobilePrint 1.2 - 1.3.1


    VersionComponentRelease dateDownloadsReadme

    Service Pack for MobilePrint with Uniprint

                        (updates to MobilePrint 1.3.2)

    (Print Services Hot Fix 428 needed for Uniprint 8.3)

    NOV 2013downloadreadme
    1.2Hot Fix 1SEPT 2012downloadreadme