Uniprint 8.4 New Features

Version 1

    The following lists the key new features and capabilities of the Uniprint® Suite 8.4:

    • Support for the latest version of Pharos MobilePrint (1.3.1)
    • Microsoft® Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support
    • Improved RSS Feeds
    • Improved data collection by the Pharos Online Services. In addition, RSS Feeds and the Knowledge Base are no longer dependent on the Pharos Online Services.
    • Cost Center Enhancements
      • Import Profile enhancements
      • Four new Cost Center Reports
    • Pharos Popup Client Enhancements
      • Apply last answers feature has been modified to apply on a Popup Question level instead of per Question Group
      • Microsoft® Windows 8 Support
      • Language support for Arabic
    • Batch Loader changes
    • Performance and stability improvements to the Secure Release Service