Tagging Content

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Tagging content

Tags are keywords that you and others assign to content to make it easier to find when you search for it. You can assign tags to existing or new content to describe it for people who might search for it later. You can even assign tags to your status update.


To assign tags to content:

  1. Create new content or click Edit on existing content, then scroll to the Tags field at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter keywords, or “tags” you would use to search for this content.

    •  Use an “_” to separate words.

    •  As you type your tags, you may see existing tags pop-up in the suggestion field. Existing tags are tags that someone has assigned to similar or related content, so it's good practice to use them.

    •  Note that if you are tagging content that is being moderated by an administrator, your tags may not show up right away because content updates may need to be approved.
  3. To assign tags to a status update, type “#” before the keyword, for example, "I’m really enjoying the amazing #casestudy about #CA." Now others will find this update whenever they search for "Case study" and "CA”
  4. To search for tagged content, enter keywords in the Search field in the top menu bar. Matching results will appear as you type in the pop-up window below the Search field.