Starting a Discussion

Document created by Lindsay Lamb on May 13, 2013
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Starting a Discussion

Discussions allow you to ask a question, seek out suggestions, state an observation or assertion to get feedback, or report a problem. Members of your community can contribute by posting replies.


To start a discussion:

  1. Click Create > Discussion, or if you are already in a group or space, click Create a Discussion from the Actions menu (usually displayed on the left).
  2. Enter a title for your discussion in the field at the top.
  3. Your discussion can be marked as a question to encourage people to answer for points. If your goal is to start a discussion but not look for a correct answer, leave the Mark this discussion as a question box unchecked.
  4. Write your discussion in the content field. You can format your text however you’d like, insert videos, images, hyperlinks, emoticons, or tables.
  5. Spellcheck your discussion or view your content in HTML by clicking the icons in the upper right corner of the content field.
  6. To attach files, click the Browse button beneath the content field and select the files you want to upload.
  7. If you clicked Create > Discussion, you’ll be prompted to choose a place to post your discussion prior to publishing.

    a. To create a private discussion and invite specific people, click the Select People radio button at the bottom of the discussion page and choose from all of the people in your community.

    b. To start your discussion in a group or space, simply type in the name of a place in the “In a Place” field.
  8. Add relevant tags to the Tags field so your discussion is easily searchable.
  9. Click the Post Message button to post your discussion.
  10. People can respond to your discussion by clicking the Reply button in the lower right corner of the content field.
  11. When someone responds to your discussion with an answer you deem correct or helpful, click the Correct Answer or Helpful Answer button to award points for their response.
  12. Once your discussion is posted, you can manage it using the Actions menu on the right.