Viewing and responding to actions assigned to you

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    Viewing and responding to actions assigned to you

    Your Actions page alerts you to things related to what you might need to get done.


    Your Actions area is focused on just what it sounds like: things you need to get done.

    If you have actions, a number appears in an orange circle next to your name alerting you to the number of unread items awaiting you.


    To view your actions:
    Click your name in the upper right hand of the screen, click Inbox & Activity from the drop down menu, and then "Actions" in the menu on the left hand side of the page.


    Tips for getting the most out of your Actions page:

    1. Click Pending to see where you need to take action. Click a button (such as "follow" or "dismiss") next to the action to complete the action and remove it from your Actions page. The buttons will vary depending on the action you need to take.
    2. Click Archived to view all previous actions you have received and the action taken.