Joining Existing Groups

Document created by Lindsay Lamb on May 13, 2013
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Joining Existing Groups

Groups are areas that focus on a specific topic, where members can post questions and share related information.


1.  When joining an existing group, you’ll see that there are different privacy levels to determine who has access to view and contribute to the content of that group:


Open groups are open for anyone to join. Anyone in the community can view and comment on content in Open groups without becoming a member.

Members Only groups allow anyone to view content within them, but in order to post and participate in discussions you must be invited to the group or click the "Join this group" button on the group page. Members Only groups also appear in search results and in the group directory.


A Members Only Group within this community is MPS & General Discussion

Private groups are groups where only group members can create, view, or comment on content. You must be invited by the group owner or by another member of the group, or you must click the "Ask to join this group" button on the group page. The group owner must approve requests to join Private groups before you have access to the content. Private groups appear in search results and in the group directory.


Private groups within this community include:


Blueprint Enterprise

iMFPs, Omegas, & Sentry

Secret groups are completely confidential and only the members of the group know they exist. You must be invited to join a Secret group, and this group type does not appear when searched or browsed for.


2.  To join an existing Open, Members Only, or Private group, Browse Places to find a group you’d like to join or  type a group name in the Search field to find a group you already know about.

In a Members Only or Private group, click the "Join this group" button. The owner of a Private group will need to approve your request.


3.  If you’re invited to join a group, you’ll see a number next to your name indicating that there is something that needs your attention.



You can either click the number icon, or click your name and select Inbox & Activity from the drop down menu. This will take you to your custom page that provides activity you are following, inbox notifications, and actions you need to take.  Click Actions in the menu on the left hand side, and then click "Accept" to accept the invitation to join the group. The alert is then removed from your Actions alerts screen.