Blueprint Enterprise Job Name Encryption Integration (HTM)

Version 2

    Although Blueprint Enterprise 5.0 does not collect or store the actual contents of print jobs, it does collect the document name as submitted by the application that is printing the document. These document names may contain sensitive information. For example, if a Word document named "Acquisition of company B - merge strategies.docx" is printed using Microsoft Word 2010, the job name captured by Blueprint will be "Microsoft Word - Acquisition of company B - merge strategies.docx ".


    The Blueprint 5.0 Job Name Encryption integration protects this sensitive information. When the Job Name is stored in the Blueprint database, it is first encrypted using the TRIPLE DES algorithm with a 128 bit length key. The job name information can still be accessed using a specialized report; the reporting users need to know the correct passphrase to use this report. Otherwise, the job name information is not visible.