Pharos iMFP: Transform Printing with a New Breed of Multi-function Printer

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Transform Printing with a New Breed of Multi-function Printer


Pharos Systems has partnered with leading printer manufacturers to offer a new class of multifunction printers, which we call “integrated multifunction printers” (iMFPs). Pharos software is embedded in the device, allowing organizations to harness the power of Pharos technology directly from the touchscreen control panel of their preferred multi-function printer. A single device is thus capable of delivering not only print, copy, scan, fax, and e-mail services but also Pharos-powered authentication, print release, and print/copy accounting, and more.


With the iMFP solution, the device is locked down until users authenticate themselves by swiping a magnetic stripe ID card, holding up a proximity ID card, or entering a username/password. The Secure Release Here® application allows users to submit jobs from their computer and then release them for printing at the iMFP that’s most convenient, regardless of where it’s located—down the hall, four floors up, in an adjacent building, or another city.  Jobs can only be printed when the person who submitted them is physically present at the iMFP, so confidentiality is protected―and documents don’t get lost in piles of printouts.


The Pharos iMFP solution also helps organizations go green while improving their bottom line. Users select the documents they really need to print using the iMFP’s touchscreen, and deleting (or letting the system delete) unnecessary or redundant jobs. This can have a major impact on waste and its associated costs.


Behind the scenes, the software gathers usage data as well as print/copy volumes for each device, enabling fact-based decisions to be made about user behavior, relocating or adding equipment.


One device does it all

With copy volumes shrinking and print volumes growing, it makes good financial sense to have one MFP that can print and copy (as well as scan, fax, and e-mail) rather than multiple single-function devices. Embed Pharos solutions into the MFP and the result is an even more powerful iMFP with the same streamlined footprint.


Single user interface

The touchscreen panel of the iMFP contains the interface to the user-facing features of Uniprint (for print) and Off-The-Glass (for copy), or Blueprint Enterprise. The same Pharos user interface is featured on all supported MFPs you have invested in.


ID card devices

A wide range of card manufacturers and technologies can be integrated into the system for user authentication and print/copy accounting.


Secure Release Here

The iMFP is protected from unauthorized use because users must authenticate themselves before they can use the device. And since jobs are only printed when the person who submitted them is physically present at the iMFP, document confidentiality is protected. Secure Release Here also provides users with unparalleled flexibility by enabling them to print their jobs at any iMFP. And waste is reduced because users print only the jobs they really need—rather than every job they submitted.


Departmental Chargeback

Users can easily charge the cost of print/copy jobs to a grant, department, or budget center using the iMFP’s touchscreen control panel.



A large library of reports is available, and the system tracks jobs that users submitted but did not print from the iMFP, allowing companies to measure their progress in reducing printing waste.



List of supported MFPs that can be transformed into iMFPs, by manufacturer:

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