Blueprint Enterprise 5.1 New Features

Version 2

    Blueprint 5.1 offers the following new features, improvements, and enhancements.

    • Support for the new Pharos MobilePrint solution, which enables users to print from any mobile device to any Pharos-managed printer.
    • New Scheduled Reports feature that provides the ability to automatically send monthly reports to specific recipients.
    • Delegate Printing, which enables employees to print on behalf of another employee (e.g. Executive Managers can nominate their Assistants to print on their behalf.
    • A new Tracker package for MAC OS X.
    • Improved Secure Release
      • New Secure Release Here Default settings have been added to streamline the process of configuring Secure Release Here
      • Secure print jobs are encrypted
      • Out-of-the-box support for LDAP Authentication
    • Improved Normalizer
    • Improved security – SSL certificates no longer accept encryption keys that are less than 1024 bits in length.
    • Improved Application Tracking
    • Support for tracking in unauthenticated print environments
    • Support for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure