• SSL with Pharos adldaplogon.exe plugin

    I have set up Pharos to use the adldaplogon.exe plugin in SignUp. This is working without SSL on port 389 but returns "Error: ldap_connect() failed (error 81): Server Down" error when using SSL on port 636. I have use...
    Peter Leonard
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  • Head in the Sky, Feet on the Ground: Moving Your Pharos Solution to the Cloud

    It's The Best Thing Since Virtual Computing! Cloud Services represents the next step in the IT frontier. Virtual computing allowed a single, beefy server to now represent 4 or more servers, but it still had to run as ...
    Scott Olswold
    created by Scott Olswold
  • ChromeBox or Linux as a release station

    Hi All, I've looked through previous discussion threads and was unable to see if this has been asked already.....   We are using Windows PCs for our students to release their print outs, which works great btw.&...
    David Kahn
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  • ReadMe: Pharos Blueprint Print Agent for MacOS Update

    Purpose The purpose of this update is to replace the Pharos Page Counter components for the Pharos Blueprint Print Agent for MacOS. This update provides improved support for MacOS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) b...
    Scott Olswold
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  • Support for macOS 10.15

    With the new macOS already on Beta, when can we expect Pharos Popup support for 10.15? We attempted to install our current driver, but it gives an 'incompatible' error.
    Vinicio Guevara
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  • Which Konica Minolta MFPs are supported by the Pharos-Konica Minolta iMFP integration?

    Click here to see the current list of supported bizhub Konica Minolta MFPs.   If you need documentation or software for the Konica-Minolta iMFP solution for Uniprint or Blueprint, please visit the "iMFPs, O...
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  • Pharos Page Counter Hot Fixes

    Latest Page Counter   Instructions  How to update the Pharos Page Counter   Revision History  What got fixed? Revision Version Release date Downloads Fix colour detection for some macOS Ricoh job...
    Lindsay Lamb
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  • Error Codes

    Is there an updated error listing?  I am getting error codes that the 2013 document does not list.  Error code 29062 and 29090.
    Robert Richards
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  • Printing PowerPoint prompt for bypass tray

    Are there any options for printing a document (PowerPoint or PDF) that is 7.5x10 to be automatically printed without having to manually select 8.5x11 paper? It prompt for bypass tray.  These documents print fine ...
    Eric Kurtz`
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  • Pharos Print Center for Uniprint

    Basic Information What is the Pharos Print Center? Mobile-friendly web pages How do I submit jobs to Print Center? How do I view my print jobs? How do I search for a printer? How do I print passw...
    Peachy Velasco
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  • Pharos iMFP for Sharp V2.4 and TLS 1.2

    When testing the server configuration after installing Pharos iMFP for Sharp V2.4 on Windows Server 2016 I get the following error:   Unable to Initialize a connection to the PEDI server at https://<hostname&...
    Mike Childers
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  • User Identification Question

    If we use popup questions & queue in lab environment how might we identify who actually printed a document? Unsure how we would be able to track who actually (machine IP?) uploaded the document.  Not sure if...
    Jason Deary
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  • User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>

    We're using Uniprint 9.0 R2 Sp5 and Mobile Print 2.2. We have Ricohs throughout the campus. The inactivity timeout on the devices ranges between 15 second and (default) 30 seconds. I was doing some testing at one loca...
    Andrea Clark
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  • Report or Query for Simplex, Duplex, Jobs, Sheets, Color, etc.

    We're trying to find a way to run a report, similar to the Group Printing Detail Report, but that includes a little bit more detail about the print jobs. For example, we have Jobs, Total Pages, Color Pages, Sheets and...
    Jason Pelletier
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  • Uniprint 9.1 Release Notes Summary (All Updates)

    Pharos Administrator Service Pack 1 (Revision 455) Service Pack 2 (Revision 504) Pharos Print Center Print Center API and Web Services 4.0.2 Service Pack 1 (Revision 455) Print Center API and Web Ser...
    Peachy Velasco
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  • Simplex/Duplex amount calculation

    I've been asked by our administration to help them create a way to calculate various "what if" scenarios.  What would revenue have been if we charged x instead of y per sheet, what if we discounted duplex by z.&#...
    Rick Heckbert
    created by Rick Heckbert
  • Pharos Print Center for Uniprint - Administrator Help

    Basic Information What is the Pharos Print Center? Mobile Friendly web pages How do I submit jobs to Print Center? Job List How do I view my print jobs/custom charge jobs? How do I search for a p...
    Lindsay Lamb
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  • Uniprint 9.1 Service Pack 2 Now Available!

    We’re happy to announce that Service Pack 2 for Pharos Uniprint 9.1 is now available! You can download and install SP2 automatically via the Updater Service in the Pharos Administrator. If your se...
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  • Hardening Your Web Server Against HTTP-based Intrusion Vectors

    It happens. You're enjoying a raspberry-flavored sparkling water, mug of coffee, or cup of tea and an email comes in from InfoSec. The subject line casts a dark cloud over the rest of your day: Security Violation...
    Scott Olswold
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  • Uniprint 9.1 Documentation (Updated for Service Pack 2)

    In addition to the product documentation PDFs and TechNotes listed below, you can also share information in the Uniprint discussion forum and find answers in the Pharos Knowledge Base.   What's new in Uniprint 9....
    Peachy Velasco
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