• Impact of changing password for Admin account used to install Uniprint

    When doing the initial install of Uniprint, one of the first things you do is create a user account in Uniprint that has Administrator rights, after that you use either that account (or another account that has Admini...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Xerox AltaLink C8030 and USB Barcode Scanner

    I am having issues with our (new) Xerox AltaLink C8030 and our USB barcode scanner (Zebra Miniscan 1207).  It is failing to pass the barcode through via scan.  Connecting a USB keyboard to the copier works f...
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  • Authenticate as Active Directory and Pharos-only user?

    We have been using Active Directory (AD) to authenticate our users for printing to Pharos since the system was implemented. People can either print using a direct queue, login to a public machine with their AD account...
    Rurik Spence
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  • Newbie Questions

    Hi all,   I'm fairly new to being an admin and I'm feeling my way around.  I had a couple of questions, if anyone would be so kind to take a look at them and guide me in the right direction, that would be w...
    Mike Pacelli
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  • Pharos Station version check

    Is there anyway to bypass the version check when installing the Pharos Station application?    We are planning an upgrade from 9.0 R2 SP5 to 9.1 SP1 and need to simultaneously upgrade the hardware that Phar...
    Brian van Stokkum
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  • Log Files and Blueprint Event Browser

    I am running Blueprint 5.2 R2. What logfile does the Blueprint Event Browser pull from? Where is is? Can I make the file size larger? Can I export the contents of the logfile?
    Mark Duncan
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  • Customizing the MyPrintCenter page

    Just finished the upgrade to 9.0 and Mobile 2.0   Looking very nice.   My question is that I see the customization information is greyed out here in the Community. Do we know when that will be available?...
    Mark Robertson
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  • Contactless Readers using Pharos

    Hi, who here is supporting contactless readers on their MFDs?  We've got a fleet of Ricohs, and they're suggesting RFIdeas readers.  Still not sure what the price is per reader.  Can anyone suggest a di...
    Bill Kasper
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  • Secure Release in a workgroup environment

    Hello! One of our customers has the following setup Analyst BP 5.2.9937 on Windows 2016 R2 which is a member of a workgroup. Lexmark MX722ade has the LeDAS installed and tested okay with eDAS service. BP is ...
    Nikolay Karetnikov
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  • Verb - SetPCState 'State' Values?

    Hello,   Does anyone know if the "State" value supplied with "Verb - SetPCState" in the SignUp log is documented anywhere? I'm noticing different integer values, but I'm really not sure what they mean.   E...
    Richard Scales
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  • Quota Service Error - Scan to email

    I'm on the home stretch of getting scan to email working on our HP577s.  Everything is working just fine until the send button is pressed on the device.  The printer immediately receives a quota service erro...
    Jon Carey
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  • Sudden logoff: How to investigate?

    Thanks if you can help! I have a trouble ticket indicating that one of our stations with the Reservation component is unexpectedly and suddenly logging off.  The session duration info disappears right away, so w...
    Steven Owley
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  • Does the latest version of UniPrint support Windows Server 2019 Core

    I would like to know if the server that runs Uniprint requires a GUI interface or can it be the core OS and everything is managed remotely? We are looking at building a new server and wondering if Windows Server 2019 ...
    Eric Kurtz`
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  • Blueprint 5.2 Event Browser:  Error sending job to printer

    Network Id: "mrussell", Component: JobService, Message: "The 'OnReleasePrintJobCompleted' method on the job service has thrown the following exception: constraint failed column NetworkAddress is not unique", Network A...
    Jennifer Brown
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  • New software download

    Where to get the install files for Blueprint Enterprise 5.3, Print Scout and Preton (latest full or upgrade version)?
    Mark Duncan
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  • HP LaserJet Managed E60165dn

    Is the HP LaserJet Managed E60165dn supported by Pharos? Can we embed Pharos on it?
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Printers using Fiery systems

    Has anyone used Uniprint (and MobilePrint) with printers that have a Fiery?  The kinds of printers you might use with Fiery Command Workstation.   I have a group/department with at least six large printers,...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Mac Install Package Automation

    Mac Install Package automation WITHOUT popup client.   How is everyone accomplishing this?  I'm trying to have users install printers to their mac through Casper Self Service,  any way to do this?&...
    Mike Dorris
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  • Printer name invalid - Versalink c8000

    I was trying to install a new proofing printer for our marketing department, our first Versalink.  When using the 'Insert Assistant' to install the printer I receive the error 'Printer name invalid' This is on Wi...
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  • Find how much a Queue is used

    Anyone know of a way to find how much a specific print queue is being used?  Uniprint provides pretty good reporting of how much a printing device is being used, but I don't see anywhere to find if a print queue ...
    Paul LaFollette
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