• MAC Scout version is Mac Scout

    Has anyone seen when MAC Scout is installed that it changes how the job comes across in Uniprint to show Computername\user name - thus jobs wont show up when a user swipe their ID Card at a release station?Example is ...
    Jeff Rasa
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  • Ricoh MP C307 Slow Printing

    Hello everyone.  We're experiencing slow printing issues with the Ricoh MP C307. Once the print job is released, it takes about 1 minute 10 seconds for the print job to spool and print.  However, a test prin...
    Roland Falana
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  • is there an iMFP for Ricoh newer than 1.5.4?

    I have a zipped folder titled MFP for Ricoh v1.5.8 but the documentation is labeled as v1.5.4. is that correct?
    Kurt Albrecht
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  • cost centers behaving strangely

    we use grants for everything.  and have a crapload of them, as those of you who i bored to tears in scottsdale might remember through a haze of monotony.   today, one of our student employees, whose account...
    Bill Kasper
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  • Connect a printer through a Pharos Station

    Has anyone tried this recently (in the last 2 years)?    How to set up (in Pharos Administrator) a printer that is locally connected to a Pharos Station.    I want to see if the instruc...
    Gene Mayro
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  • Print Scout Query

    Dears,   I'm noticing a strange behavior in Blueprint 5.2 R2 and I'm not sure if this is normal.   I have blocked color printing for a group in Active Directory with Print Policies. I see the job is blocke...
    Osman Yousuf
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  • SSL with Pharos adldaplogon.exe plugin

    I have set up Pharos to use the adldaplogon.exe plugin in SignUp. This is working without SSL on port 389 but returns "Error: ldap_connect() failed (error 81): Server Down" error when using SSL on port 636. I have use...
    Peter Leonard
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  • ChromeBox or Linux as a release station

    Hi All, I've looked through previous discussion threads and was unable to see if this has been asked already.....   We are using Windows PCs for our students to release their print outs, which works great btw.&...
    David Kahn
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  • Error Codes

    Is there an updated error listing?  I am getting error codes that the 2013 document does not list.  Error code 29062 and 29090.
    Robert Richards
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  • Printing PowerPoint prompt for bypass tray

    Are there any options for printing a document (PowerPoint or PDF) that is 7.5x10 to be automatically printed without having to manually select 8.5x11 paper? It prompt for bypass tray.  These documents print fine ...
    Eric Kurtz`
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  • Pharos iMFP for Sharp V2.4 and TLS 1.2

    When testing the server configuration after installing Pharos iMFP for Sharp V2.4 on Windows Server 2016 I get the following error:   Unable to Initialize a connection to the PEDI server at https://<hostname&...
    Mike Childers
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  • User Identification Question

    If we use popup questions & queue in lab environment how might we identify who actually printed a document? Unsure how we would be able to track who actually (machine IP?) uploaded the document.  Not sure if...
    Jason Deary
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  • User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>

    We're using Uniprint 9.0 R2 Sp5 and Mobile Print 2.2. We have Ricohs throughout the campus. The inactivity timeout on the devices ranges between 15 second and (default) 30 seconds. I was doing some testing at one loca...
    Andrea Clark
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  • Report or Query for Simplex, Duplex, Jobs, Sheets, Color, etc.

    We're trying to find a way to run a report, similar to the Group Printing Detail Report, but that includes a little bit more detail about the print jobs. For example, we have Jobs, Total Pages, Color Pages, Sheets and...
    Jason Pelletier
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  • Simplex/Duplex amount calculation

    I've been asked by our administration to help them create a way to calculate various "what if" scenarios.  What would revenue have been if we charged x instead of y per sheet, what if we discounted duplex by z.&#...
    Rick Heckbert
    created by Rick Heckbert
  • Package Webpage Refresh

    How long should it take for newly-rebuilt, or newly-added, Windows packages, to show up on the webpage?  They show up as having been rebuilt, but the changes I've made to the names, or the additional packages I'v...
    Bill Kasper
    created by Bill Kasper
  • iMFP software for Xerox not showing Pharos error messages

    iMFP software for Xerox on VersaLink printers, not showing error messages. For example we block unsupported paper sizes, on the Omega terminals we have a Pharos error message pops up saying that the job attribute is n...
    Chris Davidson
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  • How to hide/remove printers in MyPrintCenter

    Is there a method to hide specific printers in MyPrintCenter, while still allowing those printers to be used in their specific environments?  We have some printers that are available for free use but they should ...
    Mark Cruse
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  • Local login for Pharos on IMFP?

    Edit: I have Pharos Canon IMFP installed on my copier and it is disconnected from the network. I need to login to the copier locally because it is not connected to the network but when I tap "swipe card or touch here...
    William Bricker
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  • Load balanced / resilient KM iMFP service

    Has anyone attempted to load balance or provide redundancy to the Pharos KM iMFP service?   We will be deploying over 300 KM MFD's and don't want to have all of them hosted on a single server (in terms of the KM...
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