• Announcing support for MacOS X 10.15 Catalina

    All, we are happy to announce support for the current versions of our Uniprint clients, Popup (9.0.10) and Signup (9.0.9) on the newest MacOS X 10.15, Catalina.  These clients have also been notarized per the new...
    Jeff Herald
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  • Quick Tip - Server Performance

    Have you checked to make sure all your busy Windows servers have been adjusted from their Windows defaults for Power Management ?   Servers should usually be switched from the default of "Balanced" to "High Perf...
    Richard Post
    created by Richard Post
  • PCI Compliance Information

    Pharos Systems International understands that organizations that store, process, or transmit cardholder data must meet strict requirements to be PCI compliant. PCI compliance specifically relates to the security and c...
    Jeff Herald
    created by Jeff Herald
  • Pharos Print Android App Vers March 26, 2019 - No Print Options

    When trying to modify print options from an Android device with Pharos Print, the finishing options are not available.  These same options are available with an IOS device.  Is anyone else having this issue,...
    Carolyn Slocum
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  • Mobile Integration: Scan QR code to access print job status, release print job

    I would be nice it patrons could release or cancel print jobs by scanning a qr code that shows up on screen after printing a print job.  Process:   1. Patron prints and fills in all job details 2. Patron s...
    Lee Stoltz
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  • unlink unused card's id in Blueprint 5.2

    Hello! May be someone who supports Blueprint product will find it helpful. When an employee leaves the company his ActiveDirectory's account is disabled, the card is sometimes given to other person and if the new ow...
    Nikolay Karetnikov
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  • Pharos uninstall script

    I created these scripts for SCCM in my enterprise, to enable automatic removal of Pharos printers and the Pharos Popup client from client PCs, without removing Pharos Remote if it is installed.   YMMV - feedback...
    Scott Kiser
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  • Feature Request - More Mobile Friendly Nerve Center

    I was using the nerve center on my phone today.  It is a little small, but usable.  The main problem I have is that if I get disconnected from wifi, then I get a "not found" error message on /signup/SetVaria...
    Lee Stoltz
    created by Lee Stoltz
  • Feature Request - Notes When Disabling a Station

    When disabling a Signup station, it would be nice to have options to:   1. Allow free form notes when disabling a station. 2. Force adding that a station was disabled from xyz host at xyz time.
    Lee Stoltz
    created by Lee Stoltz
  • Is anyone doing automated installs via Active directory?

    If do are you guys doing it by Role, Location, Department...etc.  We have faculty and staff here that are part of departments but in different buildings.  Anyone have a solution?         ...
    Mike Dorris
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  • Pharos Systems TaskMaster Does Not Start After Applying Service Pack 3 for Blueprint 5.2

    Environment Pharos Systems Blueprint Enterprise v5.2R1 Pharos Systems Service Pack 3 Pharos Systems Blueprint Enterprise v5.2R2   Symptoms Pharos Systems TaskMaster service does not start after service pack ins...
    Scott Olswold
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  • IIS Redirect for Print Center

    I have been asked by almost every customer that installs Print Center in their environment something about how to more easily direct traffic to the Print Center from the default website without breaking the other web ...
    Richard Post
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  • Troubleshooting LPR/LPD for Pharos Blueprint and Uniprint

    Environments Considered Pharos Uniprint v8.3 and newer (these versions use Pharos Secure Release Service) Pharos Blueprint (all versions) Pharos MobilePrint   Background LPR/LPD is a TCP/IP application that ...
    Scott Olswold
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  • iMFP Documentation Improvements?

    Hi everyone!  We recognize that our documentation has plenty of room for improvement, and we'd like to gather your feedback as we re-engineer our iMFP documentation to improve its usefulness.   If you have ...
    Lindsay Lamb
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  • Pharos Blueprint Enterprise and SNMP State Checks on Devices

    Pharos Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 1.2/2.1 One of the features available with the Blueprint Enterprise 5.1 Service Pack 1.2 update is SNMP State Checking. This feature ensures that you do not inadvertently release a jo...
    Scott Olswold
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  • SQL Server 2016 with Uniprint 9.0 R2

    What to know about SQL Server 2016 when planning to use it for Uniprint 9.0 R2   The Pharos Suite Operating System Support and Compatibility Chart shows that Uniprint 9.0 R2 is supported but notes possible condi...
    Jeff Herald
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  • What to exclude from an Anti-Virus application when using Uniprint or Blueprint?

    This has come up here and there so I thought I would post something in the Community.   As each Anti-virus software vendor has a multitude of ways to be configured, coupled with how much hardening they enforce on...
    Jeff Geller
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  • Deploy Print Scout via SCCM

    Does anyone have experience with mass deployment of print scout via System Center Configuration Manager? I have successfully deployed other software, but that was mostly with an MSI file. If someone could provide a st...
    Marc Costanzo
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  • How To - Linux to Windows Queue with Username

    Bill Kasper, Our Web people managed to find in their archives a copy of the instructions I had created on How To Connect Linux To Windows Print Queue.  I had delayed posting this with the hopes I'd get the time t...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Beacon Print Scout now supports MacOS Sierra

    Beacon Print Scout for Mac updated on 10/19/2016 If you have had Mac workstations running the Beacon Print Scout and those workstations were upgraded to MacOS Sierra (released by Apple on September 20, 2016) those Be...
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