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Pharos Training Workshops  |  Cyber Savings for Pharos Discover 2016!  |  Less than 45 seats remain

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Nov 30, 2015

A few weeks ago we shared agenda sessions that will be presented by Pharos staff at our Pharos Discover 2016 Conference in New Orleans on February 22-24.  Today we are sharing details behind 3 product training workshops taking place on Wednesday, February 24th, for Beacon, Blueprint, and Uniprint.


These workshops are only open to conference attendees, so if you haven’t registered for Pharos Discover 2016 yet, now through Wednesday is your chance to get your conference ticket for $300.  That’s $150 savings! Seats are filling up (less than 45 are left)-- and limited space is available at the Hotel Monteleone-- so guarantee your attendance in New Orleans in 2016 by registering today.


Pharos Beacon provides unique visibility into both print and user information that can fundamentally change the way printing takes place in your environment. How do customers use this data to make changes that reduce cost while increasing convenience? Join us for a practical demonstration and open conversation on how Beacon data can be used to understand how print is created in your environment and how to plan a better future state.


Topics Include:

  • Managing print cost data
    • Understanding default cost
    • Overriding with my actual costs
    • Do I pay too much for print?
  • Data analysis for optimizing your fleet configuration
    • Using device utilization data to understand cost and convenience
    • Device age and complexity data and using it to improve cost and up-time
  • 80/20 in action: How to identify outliers
    • Identifying key drivers of cost, volume, and inconvenience
  • Fleet and Print data
    • How to use both data sets to fully understand your environment



Pharos Blueprint has become a foundational product when it comes to managing and securing print in the corporate space. For customers who are not in a position to take advantage of the value of cloud technology, Blueprint provides a rich feature set using an on-premise approach but is positioned to take advantage of the value of a cloud based solution.


Topics include:

  • High availability
    • Designing a resilient Blueprint environment
  • Automatic updates
    • The future of touch-free updates in Blueprint
  • Creating effective print policies
    • Use the Policy Print rules engine for more than just changing print behavior
  • Getting the most out of Site Monitor
    • The many uses of Blueprint’s best keep secret



Uniprint has been the industry leader in print cost recovery solutions for over twenty years.  Pharos continues to innovate and improve this robust product.  When paired with MobilePrint to add BYOD support, it becomes a well-rounded solution to meet the ever-changing needs of the higher-education market.


Topics include:

  • Upgrade paths and processes
    • Benefits of upgrading
    • Proven update methods
  • How to get the most value from your Uniprint logs
    • Using logging to troubleshoot your Uniprint and MobilePrint system
  • Print client deployment methods
    • Reviewing the various choices for printing into your Uniprint and MobilePrint system
  • Using the Print Center
    • How the Print Center can improve your user and administrator experiences


To stay up-to-date and learn more about Pharos Discover 2016-- including who is currently registered to attend, agenda items, and more, visit the event page on the Pharos Community.  We look forward to seeing you there!


(...and if you haven't registered, claim one of the last 45 seats as yours by Wednesday, December 2nd, and save $150 on standard ticket pricing!)