Lindsay Lamb

Start the New Year with the NEW Pharos Beacon Fleet Manager

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 18, 2014

Most organizations don’t know the true cost of their printing, or how they can optimize their print environment to save money and improve convenience. Don't let this be you.


Attendees at last year’s User Conference saw the early stages of Pharos Beacon™, and now it’s officially here and making waves!


Companies and universities are quickly learning how to significantly reduce their operating costs by managing print with Beacon. With the Beacon Fleet Manager™ component—available to you at no cost through June 2015—you will quickly have a comprehensive, multi-vendor view of print from all your network devices. Fleet Manager reveals the volume, service, and operating cost information you need to maintain a more efficient fleet.


It's finally easy to collect information related to your print volume, meters, toner, and device states, all on demand with minimal effort. You'll also enjoy all the benefits of a secure cloud solution, including:

  • Hands-free software management.  Get instant and frequent software updates with no effort on your part.

  • Fast learning curve. With Beacon's modern, intuitive interface, you will quickly become a master of your print environment. Plus, you'll always have fast access to the answers you need, right here in the Pharos Community.

  • Zero barriers. Our subscription model eliminates risk, and there's no need to purchase or maintain servers. You can achieve total device awareness in about one hour!


Get started today!

Beacon Fleet Manager is available at no cost through June 2015, and it’s easy to get started.  Contact for more information. Want to discuss it with your colleagues? Our Beacon Fleet Manager Brochure  can shine even more light on how you can quickly save your organization time and money.


Beacon will also be a topical focus at our User Conference in February, with subject matter experts there to answer additional questions and talk to its future; so we encourage you to register for our User Conference to learn even more about this new offering and what's coming.