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This service pack is now available for immediate download.

  • This Service Pack can be applied to all existing Blueprint 5.1 servers.
  • Additionally, this software should be installed as part of any initial implementation



Included in this Service Pack:

  1. Additional reports to help track printing from MobilePrint. Know how many pages/jobs were printed by each User, Budget Center, Building, Department Group, Location Group, Manager or Position. Gain insight into how much volume comes from MobilePrint as compared to the overall print volume.
  2. The Blueprint Tracker has been replaced by the Print Scout used in the Pharos Beacon platform.
  3. System Health e-mail notifications can now be sent to multiple recipients to provide for a better response to system issues.
  4. Mete readings and transactions are no longer blended together in reports thereby creating ‘unknown’ users, departments and budget centers.
  5. Support has been added to Print Scout to better track and normalize devices that use WSD (Web Services for Devices) based ports.
  6. An unattended update feature has been added to the service pack allowing for the update of multiple Collectors simultaneously.
  7. Secure Release Here can now be configured to disable Cross-server release support allowing for direct printing from a job’s parent Collector for faster delivery of the print job to the printer.
  8. Improved application tracking and page counting for better analysis of user print behaviors.
  9. This Service Pack is a rollup of all prior BPE 5.1 Service Packs. (SP1.3, 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 were customer specific and not publicly released but SP3.1 does contain their features and fixes.)


For more information on this Service Pack, please review the readme file or Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 3.1 New Features (sign in to the community to view this document within the Blueprint Enterprise customer group.)



The release package is available in Blueprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes.