Lindsay Lamb

Attention Uniprint Customers: Symantec Endpoint Protection and Uniprint Patches

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Aug 14, 2014

It has come to our attention that customers applying patch releases for the Uniprint products may encounter a problem where a necessary file, PharosSystems.Library.Utility.dll, is quarantined by Symantec Endpoint Protection as it believes this file to have a signature equivalent to “”. When this occurs, the Pharos Print Service will not start.


As part of our release process, Pharos Systems seeks to prevent this problem by submitting all updated components to Symantec for “white listing” within their latest Definitions file. However, we have determined that some intermediate patches have not been white listed.


Please be assured that the file does not contain a virus.

If your PharosSystems.Library.Utility.dll has been quarantined for the reason above, you may safely remove the file from quarantine to restore operation. You may also lower the heuristic level and/or exclude the Pharos program folders from the watchful eye of Symantec Endpoint Protection.


To prevent this in future releases, we will be working more closely with Symantec to ensure that our updates are white listed prior to their posting for customer download. We thank you for using our’ products as part of your output management solution and apologize for any inconvenience that has resulted for the issue discussed above.