Lindsay Lamb

Announcing Uniprint 9! (with Print Center, MobilePrint, and Credit Card Gateway)

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Jun 2, 2014

With a mission to design print the way it should be, we sought to deliver a pleasant experience for end users with a new interface for releasing print jobs via the web, and design a product that was even easier for administrators to manage.  Users are also given more visibility into their account and balances, allowing them to make informed decisions related to their print activity.


Coupling many lines of code added by dedicated developers with the incredible patience and input from our customers testing the product (thank you), we are very proud to announce the availability of Uniprint 9 to the world.


The Pharos Print Center™

Using a web browser, the Pharos Print Center is a standard feature that allows users to easily manage their printing account to view and release print jobs, check available balance/funds in multiple Pharos banks and purses, view account activity history, select printers, and more.


A single sentence describing the Pharos Print Center doesn’t do it justice, but Bill Sullivan’s demo video does:

Pharos Uniprint 9, Credit Card Gateway, and MobilePrint 2.0 Overview


Customize Your Print Center Experience


For organizations using MobilePrint with Uniprint, users can upload documents to the print queue and modify finishing options.  MobilePrint is an option that is fully integrated with the Print Center, allowing a single user interface for all jobs submitted via a mobile device, Pharos Queues, and Popups.

Credit Card Gateway

Another available option is the Credit Card Gateway, which allows users to add funds directly to their Pharos banks via any major credit card or PayPal account. All credit card related pages are served off PayPal hosted servers, avoiding the need for PCI compliance (Yahoo!)

ADA Compliancy

This may not seem like a big deal until you learn the hefty amount of paperwork and tests Hany Saad endured to earn Uniprint 9’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Blind and visually impaired users now have the freedom to confidently act on their own and manage their own print jobs through Popups and the Pharos Station with a JAWS software integration.  Relevant information is read to users guiding them when making a reservation, creating a new account, seeking standard job information, and paying for and releasing their print jobs.


  • Give Uniprint 9 a tryContact Pharos Support or your Reseller/Partner for the download link.  (Due to feedback from the Uniprint 8.4 launch, we had considered putting the download link directly into this announcement; however, we have found with the number of customizations at customer environments, we'd like to be involved in your upgrade to ensure you stay up and running, as well as answer any additional questions you may have!)

We'd also like to give a special thank you to customers who tested Uniprint 9, MobilePrint, and the Credit Card Gateway for us, for your feedback is what allows us to further improve the products we deliver to you. Thank you!