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This service pack is now available for immediate download.


  • This Service Pack can be applied to all existing Blueprint 5.1 servers.
  • Additionally, this software should be installed as part of any  initial implementation



Included in this Service Pack:


  1. Additional reports to track savings from Secure Release Here. Know how many pages/jobs were purged or deleted by each User, Budget Center, Building, Department Group, Location Group, Manager or Position. Gain insight into productivity by seeing how many print jobs are created but never printed.
  2. Toner Savings can now be applied to jobs in Citrix environments.
  3. Up to 18,000 printer models are now included to make normalization more precise and automated.
  4. New encryption tool for protecting passwords used in Authentication scripts.
  5. Eliminate Employees and Devices from the Admin UI using the "Show In Admin" feature. Used in conjunction with the “Reportable” setting is great way to aid in housekeeping while maintaining the integrity of the reports.
  6. Custom reports are easier to update and maintain with addition of the Custom FIlterControlView in the database.
  7. The status of the device is checked before releasing a secure job so jobs only get released to devices that can print. (Requires SNMP to be enabled at the device.)
  8. Configurable source of record for page counts for print driver or application challenging environments.
  9. Support for sending a job using RAW instead of LPR from Secure Release Here improves job delivery.
  10. The Windows Regional currency value is now used on Dashboard reports.
  11. Toner Savings scalability is increased by no longer requiring its server components to be installed on the Analyst or Collector.
  12. Blueprint is now MobilePrint 1.3.2 ready, no need for additional plug-ins.

         ….and several performance and reliability improvements to Secure Release Here.


For more information on this Service Pack, please review the readme file or Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 1.2 New Features (sign in to the community to view this document within the Blueprint Enterprise customer group.)




The release package is available in Blueprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes.




If you are unable to use the Pharos Community self-service option, you can alternatively request a direct link for this software from Pharos Support